Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano with 300 Sounds, Speakers, Digital Piano

The name “piano” is a shortened version of “pianoforte,” which is formed from the device’s original Italian title, “clavicembalo col piano e forte “literally “harpsichord with gentle and loud.”

This alludes to the piano’s ability to generate tones of varying levels based on the velocity with which its keys are struck, unlike the harpsichord.

Wassily Kandinsky, Russian Painter once said, “Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, and the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”

To sustain the immense tension of the strings, a cast-iron frame is required. Pianos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The current grand piano retains the original harpsichord (or wing) shape.

The less expensive square (really rectangular) piano, which was popular in the early nineteenth century, was superseded by the upright piano, which has vertical strings. The piano was the most important instrument in Western music for at least 150 years.

Alesis’ pioneering studio recording, electronic percussion, keyboard, and live sound instruments have changed the music industry.

The commitment to designing gear that enables artists, producers, and technicians of all skill levels to express their full inventive potential at home, on stage, and in the studio is unrivaled.


Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 10.9 x 40 inches
  • Product Weight: 8.73 Pounds
  • Color: Black & White
  • Style: Melody 61
  • Brand: Alesis
  • Voltage: 9 Volts (DC)

Product Features:

Superior Quality:

Introductory digital piano with a lot of features. For practicing and playing in front of both friends and family, use this portable electric keyboard piano with 61 premium piano style keys and built-in speakers.

Bunch of Sounds:

300 voices of quality electric piano keyboard sounds, including acoustic piano, electric piano, strings, organ, synth, drums, and more. Layer and split modes to help anyone improve overall typing abilities.

Audio Mechanism:

Training makes better – the built-in speakers are muted when using the 14″ stereo headphone output. 40 demo songs; accompanied mode with 300 built-in rhythms; built-in capturing function.

A Source of Education:

Skoove is the most convenient method to learn piano, with in-depth online piano lessons that adapt to suit and provide feedback. Skoove’s knowledgeable staff of musicians is available to provide one-on-one assistance with any issues that may have.

Every month, fresh, exclusive lessons are released so anyone can keep trying to extend learning repertoire and improving overall piano skills with new music theory tips and tricks.

Other Essentials:

Anything users will require. Comes with an easy-to-assemble stand, a seat with three height options, earphones, a music rest, a charger adapter, and a recording device for singing along while playing.

Ease of Installation:

Configuration facilitated for ease and flexibility. The Melody 61 MKII includes an easy-to-assemble keyboard stand that ensures your keyboard is secure.

Training in Personal:

Melody 61 MKII allows users to practice any tunes in complete seclusion. Make use of the individual headphones.

Our Opinion:

I’ve seen some unfavorable reviews for this package, but for the price and everything that comes with it, it’s an excellent beginner piano for kids.

I’m a musician with an Alesis MIDI controller and a lot of high-end gear in my home studio, and this bundle isn’t designed to be on that level. It’s designed to be an all-in-one bundle that includes everything needed to get kids up and running on the piano right away.

And that’s exactly what happened with the kids I bought this for! They were ecstatic, and I was as well when I saw how happy and joyful they were! This combo comes at a fantastic price.


What is the name of the electric piano?

Digital pianos used on stage are known as stage pianos.

What is the name of the first keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes, an American inventor, is credited with inventing the QWERTY keyboard layout, which first appeared on July 1, 1874, 142 years ago today.

Who is a well-known keyboardist?

Elton John is without a doubt one of the most well-known keyboardists of all time. His music has sold more than 300 million copies around the world.

How can pianists keep track of so many notes?

While performing, pianists rely on muscle memory to remember all of the notes. When a pianist performs a composition, muscle memory allows them to play the notes without having to memorize each one individually.

Is it possible to perform piano music on an organ?

Yes, one may use an organ to perform piano music. With the black and white keys, both instruments have the identical structural setup. Because organs have fewer octaves, certain repertoire is limited or requires an octave transposition.

What was the name of the first electric piano?

The first electronic pianos were created in the late 1920s, including the 1929 Neo-Bechstein electric grand piano.

What are the names of the piano’s white notes?

Natural notes are played on the white keys, while sharps and flats are played on the black keys.

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