Alpine CDE-HD149BT Review: A Good Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

Tired of buying head units that are not up to the mark? Then the Alpine Cde-hd149bt is one of the best solutions you can get on the market. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, enjoy picking and making hands-free calls while driving and also compatibility with your phone via an app. Read on through our Alpine Cde-hd149bt to find out more about this incredible product.

Good music is food for the soul; it has the effect of completely switching your moods from bored to excited, sad to happier and in some cases vice versa. However, good music will be of no help if it has cranked tunes and is coming from a low-quality car stereo.

So if you are looking for a suitable car stereo to upgrade you’re old cranked up one, then the Alpine Cde-hd149bt is a perfect fit as it packs incredible features which will make your days better. Below is a definitive list of its features to help you understand more about this fantastic product.


Alpine CDE-HD149BT Review

Alpine CDE

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Advanced Bluetooth Features: 

It is now possible to pick calls and listen to music directly from your phone without connecting it to the stereo thanks to the advanced Bluetooth features. All you need to do is turn on your Bluetooth and connect it to Alpine cd-hd149bt, and you are good to go.

No more worries about being stopped by traffic police because you were on your phone as you can pick calls hands free and listen to your favourite mix from your phone. It also comes with a microphone which further enhances sound quality by reducing noise interference.

Puts You in Control of Your Sound: 

Some of us love music which has a lot of basses, while others like it with a touch of treble, others just enjoy a mix of both. Whichever type of person you are, the Alpine cd-hd149bt ensures that you aren’t left out thanks to the alpine tune It app which is available for both Android and iPhone users.

The app lets you create and save about a hundred sounds of your choice so you can listen to music or any other program just the way you like it. All you need to do is download and install it, create a user profile and select the pre-made settings available.

Besides putting you in control of your sound, you can also adjust, crossover, time correction, media expander and parametric EQ settings using the app and even share your tuning skills and settings for higher status progress.

Flexibility in Picking & Making Calls: 

Apart from the hands-free calling, Alpine cd-hd149bt ensures that you have absolutely no reason to be on your phone while on the wheel. Reason is, you can set it to pick your calls automatically, and through the Bluetooth and microphone features mentioned above, you will hear what the person on the line is saying.

Information such as missed, received, dialled and caller ID is displayed on Alpine cd-hd149bt LCD so you can call back. It also allows for call waiting which you activate by pressing 2 and then receiving another call while the other one is put on hold. Once you are done with both calls, it will automatically activate music, so Alpine cd-hd149bt is the real definition of convenience.

Sirius XM Connectivity: 

So you just heard your favourite song, and you were singing along to it until the end, but you still can’t get enough of it? Why not replay it? And no you don’t have to be on your phone to do so, and neither do you have to keep on toggling the controls as Alpine cd-hd149bt boasts Sirius XM connectivity which allows you to rewind, pause and replay for 60 minutes. So you can listen to your favourites till you get enough of them.

Song Alert: 

Just when you thought that’s it, Alpine cd-hd149bt surprises you again with its song alert feature. You no longer have to miss out when your favourite artist is on as you can get notifications whenever they are on air and with a touch of a button on the faceplate you can jump to the broadcast and join other listeners like you. It also has a game alert feature.

Built-in HD Radio: 

Listening to the same music playlist over and over again can be boring so why not tune your Alpine Cde-hd149bt to FM mode and listen to what your favourite radio presenters have for you. The sound quality of these stations is also quite top-notch so you can enjoy your morning drive to work or waiting in traffic.


Judging from the features above, you can quickly tell that compatibility won’t be a problem. It is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices, so no one is left out. This is thanks to the tune it app which allows users to control the sound and the equalizer parameters. It also has a direct app mode for iPhone users and Works with Pandora.

Alpine Cde-hd149bt completely transforms your driving experience and makes your days in traffic better because besides bringing you convenience it also brings the fun. For instance, you can now listen to your favourite Pandora channels directly from it.

All you need to do is connect the Pandora app on your smartphone (android or iPhone) using either the Bluetooth option or USB and control it via the faceplate. Whether you want to create your own Pandora station or do a quick search, you can do so effortlessly on display.

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Note of Worth: is Alpine Cde-hd149bt suitable for its price?

Whether it is your first din head unit or an upgrade from your previous one, Alpine cd-hd149bt packs a sonic punch which will make your life better. For its price range, you get more than what you bargained for thanks to its advanced features. From its simple yet sophisticated design to its functional features such as Bluetooth and high compatibility, it is worth every shilling you spend on it.

What’s even better is that it is detachable, so you don’t have to worry about its security, and it has a durable plastic faceplate so you can be sure of its durability. Additionally, it comes with one year warranty and positive reviews which you can look at for more assurance.


  • Detachable faceplate
  • High compatibility
  • Three pairs of RCA outputs
  • Hands-free phone operation


  • USB, auxiliary inputs, and CD player are at the back of the head unit
  • Buyers complain of Bluetooth connectivity issues

Build & Design

Good things come in small packages, and nothing gives credence to that saying than Alpine cd-hd149bt. With its compact size, comes ‘not only a serious bunch of useful features but also a user-friendly design. The LCD is quite clear and easy to read with controls that are easy to use, and you do not require to be an I.T guru to operate it as everything is quite clear.

The rotary knob rotates quite smoothly and just by a simple touch you can either turn down or increase the volume. It also has four backlighting colours to choose from ranging from green, blue, red and orange, so the choice is yours, and if your car interior has any of these colours, then you are in luck. Car stereos are often the number one target by thieves, but with the Alpine cd-hd149bt, you need not worry as it features a detachable faceplate.

Additionally, it has a Micro SD card slot, a CD player and a USB port which offers you options when it comes to listening to music as you can use either a CD or an SD card in which you’ve saved your favourite music collection. However, the CD player is behind the faceplate, but you can easily access it as the faceplate tilts down. It has three sets of RCA pre-outs, and the USB port comes in handy as you can also charge your phone.

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