5 Best Double Din Head Units – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for The Best Double Din Head Units? Before you pick a Double Din Head Unit, read this guide.

When it comes to making the most of your ride, whether new or old school, having the perfect stereo system is the way to go. Seriously, who doesn’t like listening to the beats while driving down the freeway, or tuning into that favorite station while driving to work?

Well, it’s time to upgrade your system, but there is one more thing to worry about, finding the right head unit is not always that easy. Not to worry, we combed the market to its very realm to bring you five of the best double din head units around.

When it comes to making the most of your ride, whether new or old school, having the perfect stereo system is the way to go. Seriously, who doesn’t like listening to the beats while driving down the freeway, or tuning into that favorite station while driving to work?

Well, it’s time to upgrade your system, but there is one more thing to worry about, finding the right head unit is not always that easy. Not to worry, we combed the market to its very realm to bring you five of the best double din head units around.


Best Double Din Head Units Reviews

Well, some of these head units may not be that cheap, but if you are ready to take your music experience to the next notch, dive in to know why they are worth every single penny.

1. Pioneer AVH4200NEX Receiver

Pioneer AVH

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Almost everyone with a passion for car audio knows Pioneer, and we all know just how it never disappoints when it comes to quality. But you haven’t seen all until you lay your hands on this 2-din receiver and see it in action.

Talk of the motorized display on a 7” screen; you cannot miss a single digit. Not forgetting, you can always count on the App Radio, as well as the built-in Bluetooth feature for secure connectivity. And your best double din stereo is not done yet; it further comes with numerous features as well as other impressive aspects that you cannot afford to miss.


One of the things you will come to love about the unit is its size since it is built to fit perfectly in almost any dash out there, while still packing in all the details you will need.

  • If you want to enjoy hands-free audio streaming and calling, then its inbuilt Bluetooth goes a long way to making things super easy for you; remember, it can support two phones at a time.
  • A DVD/CD receiver adds to its array of ideal features that make your audio experience nothing but the best. Not to mention its internal amp at 14 watts RMS with four channels that will always add to your audio system performance.
  • Wait, did we mention it also works well with a SiriusXM tuner for ultimate new tune mix, whether now, traffic and sports flash among others? Well, it does, and further comes with Siri’s eyes-free feature too.
  • And of course, you cannot miss its am, am/FM, MP3, and WMA functions as well, all thanks to the HD radio; what more would you ask for?

Universal Use

If you are looking for a universal unit that you can use with almost any type of input, then you have found it. This device is designed to work with an AC, as well as other types like NEX and FLAC among other types of input too.

You can use an Android phone for navigation, or turn to an Apple if that is the handset you are using. With the unit’s cloud-based services and other inbuilt features, you can always use almost any stereo-related device with this unit and get perfect performance all through.

Anti-theft Design

Since you don’t want to lose your head unit only days after installing it, this one is built to offer all the security you need. The face is detachable, all with a push of a button, and it comes right off.

Better yet, the unit features a thick cloth bag that you can use to store your unit face for protection once it is not in the car. Besides, putting it back into the unit is as easy as removing it is.

Maximum Visibility

When it comes to using your head unit, visibility is crucial to having an easy time during navigation to control your unit.

Well, one thing you will find most handy about this unit is the brightness setting, which makes it easy for you to set how bright you want the unit to be, either during daylight or at nighttime.

Not to mention, the face is also motorized, so you can move it either right or left, up or down or whichever way you want to avoid glare, which makes it easy for you to see the display.


  • The music output is crisp and clear despite the volume you adjust it to, and you can set the volume depending on the number of occupants in your car, isn’t that sweet?
  • Besides, the top performance in audio and video, as well as the connectivity, goes beyond words when it comes to offering the best.
  • What’s more, booting takes only seven to eight seconds, making the startup super fast, but perhaps the best thing about it is that you can also use the unit for Apple maps, iTunes, SMS, music playback as well as Pandora.


  • As much as this unit is impressive, it has one or two flaws too, and one of them is that some of the units might not go to car play once you connect your phone.
  • When you turn your headlights on during the day, the screen will dim, thinking it’s night time, but you can always change the settings manually to prevent this.

2. Pioneer AVH-4800BS Head Unit

Pioneer AVHX4800BS

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Here comes yet another amazing unit from top-of-the-line pioneer car stereo models that will blow you away. If you are looking for a 7” screen unit that can offer convenience fun and ultimate performance, then this one is for you.

One of the things that make it the way to go is its wide variety of features that cater to any of your needs when it comes to controlling your car’s stereo and other aspects on the go.


  • Then there is the Bluetooth feature for simple paring, audio streaming, and song search as well as hands-free calling. Moreover, you can always count on its voice recognition for additional convenience all the way.
  • A Spotify control app helps control any content from your Android devices or iPhone’s Spotify app, from playing tracks to browsing playlists and radio stations, there is everything for you.
  • Perhaps the best part about it is the Pandora function, which can be very handy when you want to enjoy superior sound quality from your receiver’s touchscreen. Give tracks thumbs up, view full track data, bookmark songs, or personalized radio stations, this is the way to go.
  • With a ready SiriusXM on this AVH-X4800BS, you can tune in to commercial-free music, sports, entertainment, news, weather, and you name them. All you need to do is connect your SiriusXM’s Vehicle Tuner to a port on the rear side of the receiver and let the fun begin.
  • What is most interesting of all is the fact that the unit works with a reverse camera too, which an added importance for easy and safe is driving.


When it comes to head units, nothing cranks the benefits than having a system that can offer numerous connection options.

Whether it is about synchronizing your tablet or Smartphone with your unit or connecting it to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or just via Bluetooth, there should always be an edge to it. Well, this particular one offer virtually all you need to make the most of your other devices.

And there is more since it is also built to connect perfectly with FM/am, you can always tune in to your favorite stations and get the best of the good times listening to your favorite shows or music.

Not forgetting, its ability to work with Android or Apple phones adds to the unit’s versatility as far as connection is concerned, you have all the advantage of interfaces and apps at your disposal.


Always something makes this unit a go-to option for everyone who is really into music. Whether you are looking for the thrill of its powerful, crisp-clear sound or the power it packs to rock your speakers, there is always by something for you.

And when it comes to the performance, nothing will take you by surprise as its MIXTRAX function that automatically offers a remix of the tracks. All you have to do is connect your USB to the unit, and the system will mix your tracks in a continuous play mode as well as add sound effects.

Also among the most impressive things in this unit is the inbuilt 4-channel 14 watts RMS amp that not only adds to your stereo system’s performance. It can also help the unit work independently and still provide a good sound output without having to spend more down the line to get a booster for your system unless you are a real bass head.


  • It can sync with contacts on your iPhone through Bluetooth.
  • Connectivity is unparalleled, whether you are using USB, Spotify, Aux or Bluetooth connection.
  • You can customize the sound stage, time and other aspects too.
  • The interface is easy-to-understand, with beautiful and smooth icons.


  • One downside to this unit is that the album might not work well when using the Bluetooth, but it will work as fine with the USB mode.
  • And it will not select the next song using the “Queue” feature as you would with your phone.

3. Boss Audio BV9371BD Bluetooth Receiver

BOSS Audio

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At 6.2 inches LED touchscreen, this unit offers virtually anything you want to make your audio and video experience a great deal for every single day.

But this is not only what makes Boss one of the best double din head unit around, but there is also more to it, especially when it comes to the features.

First, when it comes to these units, one thing remains for sure, it needs to have all it takes, have a perfect size and pack every necessary detail for efficiency. Well, this is what Boss is all about, and still has more up its sleeve.


  • One of the things you cannot afford to miss about the unit is its hands-free operation, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. You can make or receive calls without ever having to take your eyes off the road, and still enjoy audio streaming as well as other wireless apps like Pandora and Spotify.
  • For easy use, you can always turn to its wireless remote, and if you want to take its advantage outside the car, then a rear camera comes in as handy.
  • The unit further features 80 watts X 4 maximum power with balance for bass, treble, fader and inbuilt EQ for presets; talk of it being the best double din head unit for sound quality.
  • Oh! Did we mention that the front is detachable too? Well, combine this with an inbuilt 1A charger for charging USB connected devices, and you have some additional feature you will love.

Input/ Output Options

For every head unit, the number of input options makes all the difference when it comes to how cool it can be in use. The more the inputs, the better, and easier for you, since this can cater to virtually any device you want to enjoy your fun from. Some people prefer just tuning in and listening to the radio, while others want to be in full control of what comes through the speakers and decide to use other types of input methods.

Versatility is the other nature of this unit, with the ability to work with DVD, USB, CD, SD and MP3 players, Smartphones as well as Am/FM reception, you can rest assured that your onboard entertainment is guaranteed. And if you want to have an easier time at the parking lot, then a rear camera input can also come in very handy as well.

The output is also worth considering, and this comprises mostly of video, front as well as sub-pre-amp audio, so you can be sure to get nothing short of the best.


Everyone wants a unit that can be both easy and fun to use besides delivering the bang for the buck, and this unit is built for that kind of output. Talk of hands-off use and you cannot go wrong with its wireless remote, which gives you absolute control of the unit without necessarily having to lean over to push the buttons.

This aspect also comes in handy when you consider the wireless connectivity that the unit is capable of offering too, which only adds to your opportunities to make the most of your unit. That is not all yet if you want to keep your unit off many people’s hands, its detachable touch screen is most likely all you need.


  • Up to 6 different inputs offer the ability to listen to any music.
  • It is powerful enough to work with front and rear speaker even without peripheral amplification.
  • The convenience of hands-free and versatile use is outstanding.


  • It has only a single customizable setting for the EQ.
  • The stylus has no holster for fastening it on the dashboard.

4. Android LESHP 2-DIN Car Player

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This 7-inch HD touch screen double din radio android stereo is one of the best double din units out there. Talk of its navigation, memory function and numerous features that make this unit not only an entertainment source but also a must-have in your car.

When it comes to reliability, the Android car stereo is hands-down one of the most sought-after units around, here is why.


  • Among the most exciting things about this unit is that it comes with all you need, from steering wheel control, phonebook, back camera, and subwoofer as well as equalizer setting. Besides, you cannot go wrong with its night vision waterproof guide too.
  • Another unmistakable thing is the memory feature, which comprises of 16G NAND flash and 1G DDR3, not to mention that you can connect your USB or SD player and still get the most of your time driving.
  • If this doesn’t do it for you, what about trying a wireless Bluetooth connection? With this, you can connect your phone to receive and make calls hands-free.
  • And there is more, FM/AM radio and Aux input connector is a direct lane to enhancing your experience.

Wi-Fi Advantages

One of the things that make the Android head unit great is the wide range of advantages it comes with regarding wireless connection. This double din radio with GPS for direction (and Google maps if you have Wi-Fi) is a great deal if you want to get around places you don’t know well. And that’s not all yet, you can as well sync it with Sygic, Waze, and other maps too, it all comes down to your choice.


One of the outstanding things in this unit is the hi-tech digital HD Touchscreen, which makes your manoeuvres on the unit super easy. You don’t need to struggle to locate buttons, and, above all, with the right illumination, using it at night becomes just a breeze as well.

Another thing that will catch your eye on the design is the versatility that the unit comes with, whether you have a mini-van, RV, or car, it will still work perfectly. In essence, there is always something for everyone.


  • The hands-free operation makes this unit ideal for easy use.
  • Installing it on the dash is as easy as using it is.
  • Packs in enough power to carry out numerous functions, but requires only 12 volts to run it.


  • Some apps like Netflix, Google Music, and a few others might not work on this device.
  • The device might show signs of freezing up sometimes.

5. Kenwood DPX501BT double din Receiver

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Something about Kenwood always catches the attention of music diehards, and this unit bears some of that magic too. Could be it is its outstanding features, the wide range of functions, or the sheer power that the unit comes with.

If you are looking into taking your music experience to an entirely new level, then this is the only secret you need to unlock.


  • When it comes to using the double din head unit, seeing the digits is always handy. This unit’s 13-digit and eight digits with 1.5 Line LCD screen bring this efficiency home.
  • This unit will blow you away with its front AUX and USB inputs that you can use to connect virtually any device or use the CD receiver and get the music rolling. And if this is not your kind of thing, then there is also Bluetooth connectivity for synchronizing your devices.
  • To ensure easy operation, you can turn to the Direct Key for iPod or the Rotary Encoder and get going. What’s more, a Mixed Preset, as well as memory function, offers an easy time when it comes to music search.
  • What’s more, the unit features a microphone that you can use for audio input whenever necessary, and a digital 12H clock that you will hardly find in most other units makes it a go-to option.
  • Another thing that will make you come to love this unit is the fact that installation and the wiring are as easy as the use is so that you will be in for a fun time all through. Not forgetting, you will always have the advantage for clear sound, and the system packs in enough power to blast it all the way too if you like it loud.


This unit is super easy to install, as it comes with almost all you need to have it in place. One of these aspects is a surrounding plastic, which makes it easy to fill the gap between your unit and the panel if it does not fit snugly.

And when it comes to connecting the unit to your amp and other sections of the system, you will not need to call in a pro to get the job done as it is an outright straightforward process.

Another impressive thing is just how straightforward the wiring is, and when it comes to securing it in place, all you need to do is bolt it straight into the metal frame under your dashboard as it comes with holsters for this purpose.

Supported Devices

Perhaps the best thing about this unit is just the sheer number of devices it can work with, especially the speakers and amps.

You don’t have to use it with Kenwood speakers or amp, if you have such parts of the system from other brands already installed in your car, then all you have to do is connect your unit, and you are good to go.

And when it comes to the input, the deal is also as good as it gets. The unit supports several input types, but the best of them is the Bluetooth setting.

You can easily connect it to your phone using this interface, and you can control tracks on your phone using the buttons on the unit. And it gets even better, if you step out of the car with your phone, once you are back you can always push the play button, and the radio will pick up from where it was earlier on.


  • The system not only works wonders but looks great on your dashboard too.
  • The connection is super easy whether on the system or the amplifier.
  • Wireless connectivity works for Spotify so that you can have a good time with music all day long.


  • The USB might prove inefficient sometimes, but you can use numerous other options at your disposal.
  • If the unit no longer supports its Kenwood app, then you will have a difficult time using it.

Double Din Head Unit Buyer’s Guide

With all these options only a push of a button away, it may seem like the search for the best double din head unit is over, No! There is more to buying a head unit than just going for any that you find on the market, and here is how you select the perfect one if you want to get the value for your money.

So what does it take to have the perfect double din head unit?

Well, this boils down to several things, and connectivity is one of those. The unit should be easy to connect to several devices, whether it’s just your phone or high-end options such as apps and such. It all goes a long way to having an easy time using the unit despite our diversity of preferences.

A double din stereo with Bluetooth connectivity can go beyond fun, to a necessity. When you want to make and receive calls without having to remove your hands from the wheel, your safety comes into the play.

Ease of installation can be a major determinant too, and this goes hand in hand with ease of use. After all, no one wants to struggle to install the unit on the dashboard, leave alone having to bend down to feed instruction or read the prompts. Going for the right unit size and selecting one with the excellent display can be the way out of such frustration.

But there is a catch since most of these units come in an array of sizes, you can always choose the perfect option for your needs. Better yet, since the units feature wide LCD screens, seeing the digits should never be a problem.

Only make sure the brightness is well set to be visible enough on a sunny day, but without being too bright during the night, and a dim setting function comes in handy here.

App control is the other thing you need to look out for when it comes to shopping for the best double din head units out there.

This feature offers you the ability to use your unit with your phone, so you will not have to keep staring at your phone anymore. And this comes with a whole lot of other advantages as well, from accessing internet-based maps, radio stations, and music lists, there is always something more.

What you need to know, and do…

The space on your dashboard determines what size of the unit can fit, so consider this before buying.

Double and single din units are similar in performance and installation process. But double dins provide more space for clarity and more comfortable use, although it means the car should be designed for this type of unit. So choose according to your vehicle or needs.

Your din should continue to playing music after you turn the engine off, although this might depend on the battery power, it is worth considering anyway.

Some units may be slow, and the software could be horrible so go for a unit that is compatible with your vehicle. make sure you are spared the frustration, a little scouting might help here.

If you have a steering wheel with inbuilt audio controls, make sure the din unit you get does not necessitate changing of your wheel, which might be costly. Probably you will only need an adapter for the connection.

Then connectivity is also worth considering, the more, the better here. Since you will most likely have different devices to connect. the best double din head unit for Android should be a versatile tool to work with several devices.

Final verdict

When it comes to choosing the ideal head unit, the decisions you make could mean all the difference between a thrilling experience and a constant frustration.

This might not be easy, considering that the market is full of numerous types of the best double din head units, selecting the perfect one might prove difficult even for the seasoned pros.

But with these ideas handy, you don’t have to make the wrong choice. Get out there and get the din that will help upgrade your car into the most relaxed ride in town.

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