Best Paper For Origami – What Paper Do I Need For Paper Origami?

It is a common saying that “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” People who are artists and love art stuff, usually do paintings, write good poetry, do aesthetic photography, make handicrafts, and so on. Because art is something that unites people of different platforms in one place and then the connection is just extraordinary.

Origami is a form of art in which people use papers, sheets, or cards to fold them in such a creative way that shapes something like a butterfly, horse, flowers, or anything. It is such a peaceful artistic aura that brings people a sense of happiness yet productivity.

But the thing to bother is which paper is used for which type of origami and that is so important because choosing the wrong paper can destroy all your effort in a second.

Here we are showing you some amazing and best paper for origami art.


1: Origami Paper Gift Set with Complementary Color Collection

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  • Brand: folded square
  • Color of sheet: a variety of colors
  • Size of sheet: 150mm (6″) precision square
  • Product dimension: 6.1 x 0.9 x 6.2 inches
  • Item weight: 8.5 ounces
  • No. of sheets: 100
  • Paper thickness: 80gsm weight

Pantone color combinations:

The colors of sheets in this product are not usual and refer to a specific allocated number that paper manufacturing industries used for large-scale production.

These are colors refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Double-sided color pair:

Some colored paper sheets are made in such a way that only one side of it is colored and the other one is blank.

But it is not the same in this case. We care what you made with so much effort so we will are showing something that causes a stain in your creativity.

Perfect size and perfect weight:

Pick up one of your favorite colors in this variety of colors and create what you will love.

The size of this paper is enough to be folded the way you want and still left a large area and the weight is so good to be adjusted with other origami sheets.

Origami spiral gift box:

The colored paper sheets are presented to you in a very unique and amazing hand-folded origami spiral gift box which is so unique in its look that makes it such a nice option of a gift for someone.

Our opinion:

We highly recommend you, people, to buy this product and create amazing origami.

2: Origami Animal Modelling Kit ONE with 12 Animal Models

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  • Brand: folded square
  • Colors available: 12 fully illustrated sheets
  • Size of sheet: 6″ (150mm) precision square
  • Product dimension: 6.14 x 6.06 x 0.94 inches
  • No. of sheets: 100
  • Item weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Paper thickness: 80gsm weight

Trusted brand:

This brand is well-known for its modeling kits and specialized origami papers. The innovation brought 100 sheets of FSC-certified origami papers in twenty exclusive cutting-edge patterns.

Twelve animal models:

The fully illustrated folding instructions for the making of 12 animal models are specially designed by the international design team.

It has two tones, one is patterned tone side and the other one is white reverse which ideally matches the paper folder’s art.

Included designs:

The design patterns of each sheet are specially built for different animal model creation. The tones and the color contrast are also built-in for specifications.

These designs included Peaceful Turtle, Rustic Pig, Mischievous Cat, Graceful Duck, Ear-waggling Rabbit, Waddling Penguin, Colourful Tulip, Flapping birds, Lightning Swift, Delicate Iris, Ethereal Moth, and Serene Swan.

Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified:

The products under this brand’s name including spiral- boxes, modeling kits, inserts, and origami papers; all are certified by FSC. The materials used in these products are recycled and rapidly biodegradable.

Our opinion:

We guess the choice of this origami paper will not be a regretful option to be made. Because we are sure that you will love this paper’s beautiful illustrations, color contrasts, and making.

3: Amazing Origami Kit: Traditional Japanese Folding Papers

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  • Brand: Tuttle Editors
  • Colors available: KIT: full-colored 64 pages book
  • No. of sheets: 144
  • Product dimension: 7.5 x 1.3 x 7.5 inches
  • Size of sheets: 6 3/4″ x 6 3/4″
  • Item weight: 1.38 pounds
  • Designs include: 13 unique designs
  • Paper finishing: glossy-double sided

Stunning Japanese traditional prints:

If you want to make something exciting and original origami art, then this origami art paper is for you!

This Kit allows artists and creators to produce and make something from beginners to experienced ones.

Glossy-sided papers:

The color inks on these papers range from flat to gloss to a metallic and all smooth waxy or semi-gloss finish.

Thus the paper finishing helps to build the shine-in feature in your origami art.

Best selection of paper for origami:

The art of origami lies in its simplicity yet elegance. Because it uses no tape, no string, no glue, and no wire for the creation of beautiful art models.

Our opinion:

We recommend you people to buy these origami sheets and experience the amazing and beautiful features that are worth it!

4: Origami Paper 500 sheets Chiyogami Patterns

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  • Brand: Tuttle Publishing
  • Color availability: colorful patterns
  • No. of sheets: 500
  • Item weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Paper size: 6″ 15cm
  • design: chiyogami

Best for all origami artists:

These inspiring and traditional Japanese paper patterns are specially manufactured to enhance the creativity and credibility of origami artists and art lovers.

They are aesthetically pleasing and the color coordination and paper patterns are in such a way that give origami models an amazing outlook.

Twelve different designs:

This pack contains 12 different designs that have chiyogami patterns that is Japanese decorating paper consisting of repeated patterns.

Loose-leaf paper:

These sheets are not bound with each other that you might find it difficult to unbind them from one another.

Some sheets are fixed with others with staples pins or glued with each other so using that side of the page is unusable. Feel free to use these sheets.

Our opinion:

We highly recommend our viewers to buy this amazing product and bring some creative essence in your life.

5: Origami Paper 200 sheets with Rainbow Colors

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  • Brand: Tuttle publishing
  • Color: rainbow colors (07)
  • Paper size: 6 inches
  • No. of sheets: 200
  • Product dimension: 6 x 0.03 x 6 inches
  • Item weight: 12 ounces

The smooth texture of the paper:

The sheet in this pack has a smooth finishing and soft to touch. Some origami papers are harsh and hard that makes it difficult to be adjusted with one an-other or design a beautiful animal or abstract creature.

Rainbow colors:

Paper crafters and origami artists always love to work with bright and uncommon colors too. rainbow colors selection in this pack was a whole thought process to bring more creativity and colorful essence in artists.

Double-sided tone:

Some origami papers have one side colored and the other one is blank or white which does not make any sense when it comes to proper color coordination and creations of models.

This paper has both sides colored so it may not reflect the ‘backside’ of the page.

Guiding and instructions:

There is proper guidance with instructions is available with this back that provides you the basic information for eight easy original projects.

Our opinion:

We think these origami paper sheets are best for you not just because of the color selection but the smoothness of the paper too. we highly recommend you, people, to buy and experience this amazing product.

6: Origami Paper Counting 1100 Sheets Origami Set for Kids

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  • Brand: HPST store
  • Color: 15 different colors
  • No. of sheets: 1100
  • Product dimension: 6.1 x 6.1 x 4.3 inches
  • Size of single sheet: 6 into 6
  • Item weight: 3.64 pounds
  • Recommended age group: above 3

Origami; a great form of art!

Parents usually tell their kids how to be creative and do something productive when they have nothing else to do.

Origami maybe reminds us of some of our past or childhood memories pus it also releases stress and depression. The folding of different colors of paper and make something is purely an art. Experience this pleasure with these origami papers!

Customer satisfaction guarantee:

If you are not satisfied by purchasing it you can refund it and get all of your money back within just a few days.

Great for kids and experienced:

Where the experienced hand person created and do something extraordinary, it is a stair to being more productive.

Kids can also learn how to fold the paper and how it will look like a statue animal or any other creature.

Our opinion:

We recommend you to use this bundle of papers and create what you love! You will be so much into this creativity that emphasizes you to buy it more! This art is addictive.

7: Origami Paper counting 500 Sheets, Premium Quality

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  • Brand: Origami craze store
  • Colour: 20 different colors
  • Size of sheet: 6 into 6
  • No.of sheets: 500
  • Product dimension: 6 x 6 x 1.7 inches
  • Item weight: 1.67 pounds

Vibrant colors selection:

The amazing collection of twelve vibrant colors in which there are three metallic colors is perfect to create origami artwork.

You can create masterpieces with these different and beautiful colored sheet papers.

DIY origami art:

Don’t have anything to do in your spare time? Or do you want to bring some productivity and creativity into your daily life?

Then, you are in the right place now! Use these colorful sheets, fold them in the way they exactly to be and create mesmerizing art forms and shapes. You will love this artwork, for sure.

Easy to be folded:

This high-quality paper has so much thickness in its compositions that make it perfectly fine to be folded wherever you want to. These papers don’t rip off, tear or fold on their own at their edges that is a plus point to create what exactly you want to!

Our opinion:

We highly recommend our readers to experience these surprising origami papers. We assure you that you will love its composition and vibrant colors.

8: Origami Paper with Geisha Prints containing 48 Sheets

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  • Brand: Tuttle publishing
  • Color: different colored patterns
  • Product dimension: 8.25 x 0.3 x 8.25 inches
  • Size of single sheet: Large 8 1/4″
  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • No. of sheets: 48
  • Designs: prints of geishas

The elegance of printed designs:

Plane yet colored origami paper sheets are sometimes got boring and so usual that artists and handicraft makers look into some repeated and colorful patterns and designs that will bring something new.

It is fun to fold!

Origami artwork is creative and a fun activity to do. Parents can guide their kids on how to fold papers and make something. Also, children in school do art activities in which quality size origami art papers are required. So this is the best option out there!

Loose-leaf sheets:

The sheets are neither bound with each other nor glued, so you can bring them one by one and create origami artworks.

Our opinion:

We guess these origami sheets will be a great choice to be made and a great addition too in your room to create something extraordinary.


Glossy paper finishing is best for origami artwork or matte finishing?

Both are best, depends upon which model you are creating.

Simple colored sheets are perfect or repeated patterns for making butterflies?

As a butterfly has so many colors in it, so it is good if you go for repeated colored patterns and designs.

Can we gift origami sheets to someone? Is it worth it?

Yes, absolute. Artists, handicrafts makers, and art lovers will love to have them as a gift on special occasions.

Which age group is recommended for origami artwork?

Any age group above 3 years can use them.

Are Isorigami sheets for beginners or just for experienced persons?

Origami art and its artwork is both for beginners and professional artists.

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