Top 5 Best Rotary Paper Cutter Reviews & Guides

Rotary paper cutters, by and large, have a round cutting edge that is encased for safety reasons inside a plastic head. The cutting-edge slides here and there a metal guide bar.

Rotational clippers are incredible for making completely straight cuts on low volumes of almost any paper stock, or a portion of the other more slender paper items. They are wildly used in offices, classrooms, schools as well as in homes too.

You can utilize a rotary cutter on different materials including cowhide, paper, and texture. For the most part, experts favor utilizing this instrument with a cutting mat. This tangle makes it simpler to get exact straight line cuts and furthermore bends. As they are very easy to use and easy to handle that is why from teachers to students they are very popular for fine and nice cuts within a short time.

Here we are showing you some of the best rotary paper cutters that you can utilize in offices, homes, and schools.


Best Rotary Paper Cutter



US Stock, Paper cutter
  • Brand: H-E
  • Item weight: 10.68 pounds
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Swingline-Paper-Trimmer Swingline Paper Trimmer, Rotary Paper Cutter
  • Product dimension:18 x 35 x 6.3 inches
  • Style: 24 inches
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CALCA Rotary Paper Cutter Paper Trimmer
  • Size: 32″ X 12″ (800 X 315mm)
  • Color: black
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Rotary-Trimmer Rotatrim Pro Professional Paper Cutter/Trimmer
  • Brand: Rotatrim
  • Length: 20 inches
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Supremo Paper Trimmer, Rotary Paper Cutter
  • Item weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Color: blue and black
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1: US Stock, a 24 Inch Manual Precision Rotary Paper cutter


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  • Brand: H-E
  • Color: black
  • Item weight: 10.68 pounds
  • Product dimension: 31.8 x 15.5 x 5 inches
  • Size: 25 inches

Steel constructed blade:

The blade of this item product is made from solid steel that gives you very accurate and precise cuts every time you use this paper cutter. Moreover, it also ensures you it’s long-lasting.

Automatically paper fixing function:

The very attractive feature this paper cutter possessed is the paper fixing function. The rotary blade makes the cutter sharp and durable.

The scale of paper cutter:

The scale showing both centimeter and inch make it more exact, more advantageous, more proficient, and more material, staying away from the move of paper fixed.

Rubber feet:

This paper cutter has a bottom of rubber that makes it ideal for desktop or table use and prevent the machine from slipping.

Our opinion:

We would recommend this product to anyone who has the mind of purchasing a paper cutter that has a highly efficiency and a sharp blade and a longer life span.

2: Swingline Paper Trimmer, Rotary Paper Cutter


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  • Brand: Swingline
  • Color: dark gray
  • Item weight: 13.75 pounds
  • Product dimension: 18 x 35 x 6.3 inches
  • Style: 24 inches
  • Sheets cutting capacity: 30

Durable construction:

Hard core trimmer uses a revolving sharp edge for exact managing. It has a strong and huge metal base for durability and it is intended for toughness.

Accurate cuts:

Making exact cuts is now simple and easy with the helpful arrangement network. A double scale ruler on the base of this item guarantees exactness, regardless of whether you’re estimating in inches or centimeters.

Cutting length:

24″ cutting length handles everything from ordinary managing to testing projects. Incredible for use on larger than usual records. Covered turning trimmer edge guarantees user security too.

30 sheets at one time:

The rotational trimmer effectively slices through enormous stacks, slicing up to 30 sheets. Astounding for use in high-volume projects. Manual clamp holds papers set up for exact managing.

Our opinion:

The parts of this items are easy to replace. Its strong construction is built to last. We think it is one of the most suitable products for you as it also saves your time by giving you accurate cuts at one time!

3: CALCA Rotary Paper Cutter Paper Trimmer


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  • Brand: CALCA
  • Color: black
  • Item weight: 10.7 pounds
  • Product dimension: 32 x 15.25 x 4.5 inches
  • Size: 32″ X 12″ (800 X 315mm)
  • Application: cutting photo paper, graphic photo film, canvas, laminating filmetc

Steel self-sharpening blade:

The cutting edge is made of edge cuts in either heading Grids in the two inches and centimeters.

It come with elastic feet for work area and utilize one additional extra carbide rotational sharp edge.

Accurate cutting:

The blade is high proficient, the edge is sharp and cut paper well long-life expectancy, the edge can be utilized for longer time and it gives you accurate cutting with double mode scale, brings you a great cutting impact.

Convenient to use:

The paper cutter is consistent on the table for cutting, and it’s exceptionally advantageous to utilize.

The bottom of the paper cutter is designed in such a way that this item does not slip on the table.

Our opinion:

As this rotary paper cutter has wide applications and it is a great choice to be used in offices as well as in homes, so we think you should have a look on this product. We assure you that you will not regret it after buying.

4: Rotatrim Pro Professional Paper Cutter/Trimmer


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  • Brand: Rotatrim
  • Color: white and black
  • Item weight: 17.63 pounds
  • Product dimension: 28.74 x 19.29 x 5.9 inches
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Cuts up to: 3.00mm thickness

Precision design:

This trimmer/shaper includes the best quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening  accuracy edge inside an all metal cutting head mounted on twin treated steel direct rails that thoroughly dispense with head turn while conveying a smooth gliding activity.

Unrivalled quality:

This product utilizes just the best quality and exactness designed parts, hand gathered by gifted architects.

Rotatrim is glad to offer a scope of accuracy clippers which are unparalleled in their quality, precision, dependability and life span.

Exceptional accuracy:

This exactness-designed paper shaper will serenely trim materials up to 20″ long enormous enough to handily oblige A3+ scene. A precision trimmer that will trim most adaptable materials up to 3.0mm in thickness, upgraded overlay framework baseboard.

Our opinion:

We would suggest this product to anyone who is looking for a rotary paper cutter that has exceptional accuracy, premium quality and gives you its best performance.

5: Supremo Paper Trimmer, Rotary Paper Cutter


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  • Brand: Supremo
  • Color: blue and black
  • Item weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Product dimension: 17.2 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches
  • Sheets cutting capacity: 10

Wide range of applications:

This rotary paper cutter has 12.5 length and it is an ideal choice for cutting paper,photos and laminated documents and much more!

Lightweight metal base:

It has durable and lightweight metal base plan that makes the paper trimmer tough. It also prevents slipping of this paper cutter from the table while cutting papers.

Easy to access:

Transparent paper clasp permits precise cutting of trimmer and making it basic and viable.

Our opinion:

This rotary paper cutter is ideal for home, offices and school. In our honest opinion, we think if you buy this product it would not be a regretful decision


What is the difference between a simple paper cutter and a rotary paper cutter?

Simple paper cutter has a self-sharpening blade but the rotary paper cutter has a round cutting blade that is enclosed in a plastic head for safety reasons.

What criteria should I consider while purchasing a rotary paper cutter?

When hoping to buy a Rotatrim you need to consider the sort of material(s) you are hoping to cut, considering the most extreme thickness and length of cut required.

What is the meaning of shelf sharpening trimmers? Will it never go blunt?

Although, the cutting wheel is self-sharpening it will in the end wear out. The existence of the cutting wheel will change depends upon the material being cut, including how thick/grating it is and how regularly the trimmer is being used.

My rotary paper cutter is making noise while cutting paper, how can I resolve this issue?

At the point when a cut is made, dust from the material is created which can dull the guide rail(s), and cause more rubbing bringing noise too. To determine this, you should grease up your trimmer with a silicone based shower.

My rotary paper cutter is leaving a small black bit while cutting, how this problem can be solved?

These little dark pieces are from the elastic roller on the cutting wheel which had died from mature age or because of coming into contact with an oil based substance (eg WD40).

You should supplant the cutting haggle all buildup is taken out.

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