Casio, 61-Key Portable Keyboard with USB (LK-S250)

Kenneth Miller, American Biologist once said, “The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air.”

The piano, often known as the pianoforte, is a musical instrument. Wire strings are struck by hammers controlled by a keyboard, which produces sound.

Before 1720, Bartolomeo Cristofori devised it in Florence with the specific goal of allowing note-to-note dynamic fluctuation (lacking in the harpsichord).

Its hammers (rather than tangents) are launched at the strings and bounce back, allowing the impacted string to vibrate loudly.

Casio is a multinational software manufacturing company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Calculators, cellphones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches are among the company’s offerings.

It was formed in 1946 and released the world’s first all-electric small calculator in 1957. It was an early digital camera pioneer, and in the 1980s and 1990s, it introduced the world’s first mass-produced digital wristwatch, as well as a number of affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians.


Casio, 61-Key Portable Keyboard (LK-S250)

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 10.08 x 36.61 x 2.87 inches
  • Product Weight: 10.97 pounds
  • Brand: Casio
  • Color: Black & White
  • Style: Keyboard Only

Product Features:

Easy to Use:

The LK-S250 has 61 full-size feel responding keys with Casio’s key lighting system. This makes it easier than ever to learn any favorite tunes.

Superior Quality Sound System:

One will be sounding terrific in no time with 60 built-in tracks. A voice-guided Step-Up Lesson system is also included.

Bunch of Sounds:

Discover 400 fantastic melodies and 77 rhythms to go with them. There are also ten different forms of resonance to create depth.

Monitor Accessory:

The LK-S250 is simple to use and enjoyable to play. Its LCD display and straightforward controls, such as the “My Setup” button, which rapidly recalls user favorite sounds and settings, make it a great choice.

Electronic Audio System:

One can simply compose and remix EDM tunes in dance music mode. Choose a style, then use the buttons to trigger drum loops, basslines, synth parts, effects, transitions, and other elements.

Built-in Sound System:

To play with others, use the built-in speakers, or plug-in headphones for peaceful play at any time. A 1/4″ mic input allows users to contribute the voice to the mix, and a 1/8″ audio input allows anyone to play along with music from any preferred device.


Link to the free Chordana Play iOS/Android app to take creative music to the next level by learning how to play ones loved songs from MIDI files one have downloaded. Without the need for drivers, the class-compliant USB port communicates to any Mac/PC/iOS/Android device.

Easy to Transport:

Anyone can make music anywhere and whenever users want with the ultra-compact LK-S250. Simply put six AA batteries in the device, grab the built-in holding strap, and leave. Power source and audio rest are included.

Our Opinion:

This keyboard is ideal for anyone searching for a keyboard with the necessities to get started. The keyboard and stand will get you started, but you’ll also need the midi cable (to connect to your PC) and the eMedia Starter Keyboard programme.

I strongly advise you to connect your keyboard to a PC while taking classes, as this will allow you to interact with the software more effectively. The software includes a wealth of information to assist you in getting started.

Some of this was review for me, a middle-aged man who played alto sax in high school and had always wanted to learn piano. But there was a lot that I didn’t know about.


What is the distinction between the instructional and premium packs?

The educational package includes music lessons, while the premium package includes a piano, piano stand, power supply, and studio headphones.

Define Casio instrument.

In 1985, Casio released the Casio SK-1, a tiny sampling keyboard. It includes 32 tiny piano keys, four-note polyphony, and an 8 bit PCM sampling bit depth.

What distinguishes Casio keyboards?

Keyboards have 49, 61, or 76 keys, as opposed to electronic or digital pianos, which have a traditional set of 88 keys.

What are the three different sorts of pianos?

There are three different types of pianos available. There are three types of pianos: grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos.

Is it possible to use a plug-in adapter with this or is it just battery powered?

There is a power cord that can be plugged into the wall or 6 AA batteries can be used. Both methods are effective.

Is there a difference between a keyboard and a piano?

A ‘piano’ is an audio instrument with heavy keys, whereas a ‘keyboard’ is an electric instrument that requires electricity with overall average lightweight keys. Each instrument comes with its own set of characteristics and perks.

Who is the inventor of the electronic keyboard?

Elisha Gray invented the Musical Telegraph, the first electric keyboard, in 1876.

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