Casio Casiotone, 61-Key Portable Keyboard with USB (CT-S300)

Leopold Godowsky once said, “The piano as a medium for expression is a whole world by itself. No other instrument can fill or replace its own say in the world of emotion, sentiment, poetry, imagery and fancy”

A keyboard piece of music with wire strings that sound when struck by felt-covered hammers operated from a keyboard, often known as a pianoforte, French piano or pianoforte, or German Klavier. The normal modern piano has 88 keys and a range of seven full octaves plus a few more keys.

The phrase piano is borrowed from the ancient Italian name for the instrument, “clavicembalo col piano e forte” literally “harpsichord with gentle and loud.” This refers to the piano’s capacity to create tones at varied levels depending on the velocity with which its keys are struck, unlike the harpsichord.


Casio Casiotone, 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 10.08 x 36.61 x 2.83 inches
  • Product Weight: 9.63 pounds
  • Color: Black & White
  • Style: Keyboard Only
  • Brand: Casio

Product Features:

Blend of Sounds:

With 61 full contact reaction keys, a pitch bend wheel, and 10 types of reverb for further expression. The user may explore 400 fantastic sounding tones and 77 accompanying syncopation.

Easy to Use:

Thanks to its digital display and straightforward settings like the “My Setup” button, which rapidly recalls user favorite sounds and settings. The CT-S300 is simple and enjoyable to play.

Superior Quality:

Anyone can simply compose and remix EDM tunes in music and dance configuration. Choose a style, then use the buttons to trigger drum loops, chord progressions, synthesizer parts, effects, transitions, and other elements.

Earphone Accessory:

To play with others, use the built-in headphones, or plug in ear buds for peaceful play at any time. One can use the 1/8″ audio input to play music from any preferred device.

Connectivity Technology:

Link to the complimentary Chordana Play iOS/Android app to take the music to the next level by learning how to play ones favorite songs from MIDI files you’ve downloaded. Without the need for drivers, the category USB connection interfaces to any Mac/PC/iOS/Android gadget.

Easy to Transport:

Anyone can make music anywhere and whenever they want with the ultra-compact CT-S300. Simply put six AA batteries in the device, hold the built-in traveling strap, and leave.

Our Opinion:

I’m very pleased. I saw in a review that it has two volumes for how hard you press the key, but it actually has four or five (I’m not near it but want to check). It’s enjoyable to play with a minimum of four players.

It’s ideal to begin softly and gradually increase the volume before hammering the keys. I’m a newbie, so don’t expect a professional evaluation from me.

I’ve played before but want to get back into it. The metronome selections are fantastic. There’s a lot of diversity and beats that you can control the tempo of. It includes USB, so you can connect it to a computer, which is the major feature I was looking for. There are a lot of sound effects.


What does it imply when a keyboard is “touch-responsive”?

Touch response allows users to express individuality in music; without it, no matter how gently one touch the keys, all the notes remain at the same volume level. It’s a significant benefit to the music being played.

Is there a hold feet pedal input on this?

There is, in fact, an input. The pedal, on the other hand, is available separately.

What kind of batteries does it require?

It comes with a power supply that can be plugged into the wall, but it also requires 6 AA batteries that can be placed in the underside to play on the move.

Is there a music stand included with this keyboard?

A plastic music stand that attaches to the back side of the keyboard was included in the box.

Is the Power Supply compatible with 220 volts?

The power supply is rated at 100-240 volts, 50-60 Hz.

Is it possible to connect this to an amplifier for a more powerful output?

Yes, anyone may use the stereo 1/8″ tiny plug from the earphone jack output (female). A 1/4″ male end on the other side of the cable is required to connect to a typical keyboard amplifier.

This can be accomplished with the use of a special cable or adapters. However, one can connect it to an amplifier.

Is it possible to play chords on this keyboard?

Absolutely, it’s the same as any other piano or organ, and they will have a lot of fun putting the 7 years of piano training to good use.

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