Casio PX860 Review: Built-in Hammer Action Keyboard

The Casio PX860 digital piano is one of the best if not the best pianos out there. Here, we review some of its features that make it to stand out. A good pianos complement good music. Whether you are a musician or you are in it just for the fun, getting a good digital piano can help you achieve your music goals.

With the growth in technology, it is very tricky to look at one digital piano and conclude that it is the best because manufacturers continue to release amazing products daily.

However, by looking at some features such as the design, sound delivery and quality of the keys, you can tell a great piano from a good one. Here, we look at one of the best digital pianos namely the Casio PX860 Digital Piano.


Casio PX860 Review

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About its key action

The Casio PX860 digital piano has key features that make it rank amongst the best. Its manufacturer gave it a design that allows it to match the weight and resistance across the range of an 88-note grand piano.


1. Has Variety of Options: Unlike most similar digital pianos, the Casio PX860 has an impressive 256 notes of polyphony and 18 instrument tones. If you a master in playing the piano, Casio offers you various stereo strings ensembles, the variety of basses and multi-layer tones.You can also choose to use the duet mode that allows you to split your keyboard into two equal ranges. This is beneficial as it allows two people to use the piano simultaneously thereby making it possible for teacher-student to learn effectively.

2. Has a Concert Play Feature:

The concert play feature is not one that you can find in most pianos. The fact that this specific piano allows you to record up to 10 live philharmonic orchestra performances shows that it is one to reckon.

The recordings allow you to be part of excellent performance and let you enjoy the concert vibe. If you want to keep tabs of your musical scores, the piano allows you to do so effectively through its scorekeeping the feature.


With the growth of technology, it is obvious that every digital piano should be USB MIDI enabled and that is exactly what this digital piano from Casio has done.

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital

Through this feature, you can connect the piano to a Mac or Windows device without necessarily having to download any form of drives. In addition, the USB MIDI feature allows you to use the piano as a controller to your device say Apple Ipad.

4. Air Sound Source: 

This Casio PX860 has Acoustic and intelligent Resonator (AIR) that allows it to produce the best sound. As compared to its predecessor, this latest model can record at four different dynamic samplings apart from having long decays and amazing sound expressions.

Moreover, the manufacturers of this piano allowed it to open strings when the pedal raises the dampers. This brings realism into the picture.

5. Better Engines: 

Not many digital pianos can match the Casio PX860s powerful new sound engine. The engine not only gives the piano a powerful sound but also makes it stylish and superior. Its nuance and expression is excellent.

6. Strong Materials for its Making: 

The PX860 digital piano has materials that are of high quality and long lasting. This makes the piano ideal in cases where you need to use it most of the times such as in concerts or religious institutions. Moreover, with its 3-year warranty, durability is not a concern here.

Casio PX860 BK Privia


Looking at this piano, I can say that its price range is worth it. Its features are amazing and its sound is top class. Up until today, the Casio PX860 is the ultimate Privia model.

With various features such as the tri-sensor hammer action and a well-designed sound source, the piano releases top-quality sound and feels authentic as compared to the previous models. Moreover, its lid and hall simulator gives you a perfect acoustic piano sound.


The Casio PX860 Digital Piano is arguably the best piano you can acquire currently. With its amazing features, acquiring this piano puts you in a sole position of acquiring benefits such as quality sound delivery, extended warranty period and fast deliveries amongst others.

Even though it has some disadvantages such as confusion in its manual, I can attest that this piano is one of the best and you can acquire it with the next available opportunity.

Note that Worth: Is Casio PX860 Recommended?

If you cherish good music, you must have a digital piano that will see you through the journey. The truth is technology evolves every day and manufacturers continue to release great products into the market.

Currently, there is no doubt that the Casio PX860 is one of the best digital pianos you can get on the market. The piano surpasses the levels set for sound quality and its keys are excellent.

The piano also has an amazing design that allows you to take your music to another level. Its engine is strong and its speakers are awesome. For music lovers, this is paradise.


  • Has high-quality keys: ebony and ivory feel
  • Has enhanced features such as touch response, key off simulator and tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard.
  • Has a sound source of multi-dimensional morphing air
  • Has a quick delivery
  • Has a 3 year extended warranty


  • Might have problems producing sounds through its speakers after some time
  • its manual can be confusing especially to beginners

Built and Design

The manufacturer of this digital keyboard has given it a good design making it “more real”. Being black, the piano uses air technology adding to its compact design.

Its sound effects are not as bad as well. If anything, the piano has solid speakers that produce high-quality sound. It appreciates the detailed intricacies of sound turning your home and making it more entertaining.

In addition, the piano has ivory and ebony touch keys, a tri-sensor hammer action keyboard, and open-lid functions and outstanding. All of these work to provide you with quality.

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