Casio WK245 Review: A Good Touch Sensitive Keyboard

The Casio WK245 keyboard is a touch-sensitive keyboard that has a chain of workstations which are ideal for both advanced and intermediate players. The keyboard boasts unique features that are designed with the needs of the users in mind.

It offers 76 piano-style touch keys, 600 tones, 32 registration memory, 180 rhythms, and 152 songs. The touch-sensitive control is ideal for most instructors who prefer that their learner’s keyboards possess the feature. It helps alter the tone volume according to the key pressure.


Casio WK245 Review

Casio WK-245

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Registration Memory

The keyboard has a 32 setting registration memory that allows you to record your music as you play.

Numerous tones

With only 45 note polyphony, you can make up to 600 different tones, which makes your learning and playing a lot more fun.


It is available in an assortment of colors, hence you do not have to settle for dull colors especially when buying for teenagers.

180 rhythms

Make your music more enjoyable by alternating between the 180 rhythms. The feature is especially ideal when singing church hymns. The rhythms feature full accompaniments and drums.

Sound effects

The WK245 is an upgrade from the Casio WK244 and it comes with enhanced sounds effects that make better melodies. You can also adjust the pitch of the sound to suit your preferred level.

Casio WK-245 76-Key

LCD Display

It is larger compared to other models, giving you a bigger allowance for a better view as you play your music.

Response keys

The 6-piano style keys are sensitive to touch, helping you navigate quickly from one set to the next.

The keyboard features lessons for beginners, seventy-six dynamic touch keys, and onboard stereo speakers. The stereo mini output allows you to connect the keyboard to an outside source like an MP3 player, which is used together with a microphone input produces triggering sound samples.

The keyboard comes with an AC adapter for power, but it can also run on six D batteries. However, they are not included in the package. The built-in amplifiers and speakers help enhance the sound for easier control. The keyboard comes with a Casio ARST X-style keyboard stand for support. The height of the stand is adjustable.

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The Keyboard Piano can be used more effectively with an iPad/iPhone. You can use the Apple Camera Connection Kit, but this is purely a personal decision to make. You can also easily connect it to a windows-based computer, or Mac, through its inbuilt USB MIDI, without the need for drivers.

It is also compatible with other keyboards like the Casio AT-3 microtonal keyboard. The keyboards can further enhance the quality of sound. For easier control by foot, you may wish to use it in combination with the HQHP Piano-Style Sustain Pedal which is designed to fit all tune modules or drum machines.

The pedal remains in place while you play. The 152 built-in songs will also make using the keyboard enjoyable.


If you are looking for a keyboard that is not only decent for its price but also features a lot more for its small size, the keyboard is what you need to get. It can perform many functions and is a great choice for someone who wants to learn how to play the piano.

Note the Worth: Is Casio WK245 Worth?

Customers who have purchased the Casio WK245 keyboard will tell you that you will it gives you value for your money. The features are numerous for the price, and at the same time, you have a guarantee that you will not need to make a replacement soon.

In comparison with others, this keyboard is ahead in a lot of ways, although it cannot be ignored that it comes with some flaws. The tone has to be set manually, and it has a limit to the number of rhythms. Its portability, lightweight, and strength in music production are also factors that make it worth its price.

Casio WK-245 76-Key


  • The keyboard comes with a power adapter
  • In case of power failure, you can use batteries to operate it.
  • Ideal for both adults and older teenagers
  • Does not occupy much space


  • The manual is 100 pages long, making it too much to read
  • You must key in a number to get the tone you want, which is more hectic than using a dial

Built & Design

The keyboard has 600 built-in sounds and comes with your own backing band. Whether you are just practicing or preparing for a performance, the large LCD display with backlights conveniently displays everything for you to see, including the music notation.

Not only is the keyboard powerfully built, but it also features an Aux input for easier connection to your MP3 device among other devices. You can enjoy the stereo speaker system in a number of ways, and using a headphone connector will go a long way in making your practice quiet and enjoyable.

The sustain pedals take away your worry, as they prevent you from dropping notes. It has 48 notes of polyphony, the best among most keyboards. The build allows you to easily preset rhythms.


Does this Casio WK245 instrument allow the music to record?

Yes, this astonishing gadget allows you to record your music as you tinker with the piano. It may have 32 registration methods.

Are this super amazing piano available in the funky and good color schema?

Yes, now you don’t have to go only for dull colors, but you have to check this WK245 variety of shades.

Does Casio piano can be connected with the window-based computers and other stuff?

The WK245 instrument can connect it with window-based computers and MAC through their skill of connectivity without any drivers.

What are the power supply sources for this piano?

The power supply, given to this device is that it comes with the AC adapter to run including this also work on D batteries.

How many tones you can create with this CK245 piano?

The ton used in this device is 45 note polyphony, which allows you to create 600 different tones, moods, and completion.

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