Cutterpillar Pro ABS Composite Plastic Professional Paper and Photo Trimmer

When it comes to paper cutters and trimmers, Cutterpillar is known for its quality. They’re always working to deliver craftsmen the greatest cutting solutions, such as the world-famous Cutterpillar Crop and Cutterpillar Pro.

Along with the cutters, they provide a great selection of self-healing and glass cutting mats, crafting light tablets, and storage bags, so you can craft almost anywhere and get great results every time.


Cutterpillar Pro ABS Paper and Photo Trimmer

Cutterpillar Pro ABS Paper and Photo Trimmer

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 4.75 x 17.5 x 14.75 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.24 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Cutterpillar
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Brand: CutterPillar Pro

Product Parts:

Replacement Trimmer Blade Pack:

This is a replaceable pack for the Crop and Pro trimmers. A round blade cartridge is included, as well as steel, flat, static blade.

Replacement Battery Cover:

A replacement battery cover that fits both the Crop and Pro trimmers. Should be used with much care.

Replacement Micro-USB Cord & Plug:

For the premium and basic glow light boards, this is a replacement micro-USB wire and plug. One 6ft chord and one 5v USB wall plug are included in the package.

Replacement Cord & Plug:

Only for the Glow Ultra-Light Board, a replacement 12v “barrel-plug” cord is available. 6′ wire with wall plug is attached.

Paper and Photo Trimmer

Replacement Scoring Rule:

This is a substitute plastic and aluminum scoring rule for the caterpillar crease scoring board.

Replacement Scoring Tool:

A two-sided scoring instrument made of plastic and aluminum that is only compatible with the caterpillar crease scoring board.

Professional Features:

Smooth cutting:

A gear-driven rotary blade on this precision paper and photo trimmer ensures flawless cuts through practically any stock.

LED Light:

The cutting line is illuminated by a bright LED backlight for absolutely accurate trimming. The LED back lightening is as stronger as its older model.

Cutting Capacity:

Full base ruler is up to 13 inches long and can accommodate paper up to 12 inches broad. The integrated ruler can be used to measure in imperial (US) and metric units.


The new ABS composite build is surprisingly sturdy while remaining light. Stability is provided by the soft rubber feet, which prevent slipping.

Other Accessories:

Extra paper and materials can be stored in the built-in 12″ storage drawer. 4 AA batteries are required, which are not included. A matching tote is also available and can be purchased separately.

Product Description:

A gear-driven rotary blade on this professional-sized paper and photo trimmer ensures flawless cuts through practically any stock.

The cutting line is illuminated by a brilliant LED backlight for precise trimming. Now with an incorporated ruler and grid system for long-term accuracy, it’s made of extraordinarily robust but light ABS composite.

Photo Trimmer

Our Opinion:

I’ve used it a lot since I got it and I really like it. It took me a while to remember to push in on the blade, but I eventually got it. I’m not sure about other individuals, but I’ve discovered that standing makes it easier for me to hold the paper down.

The light and self-sharpening blades are obvious pluses. I haven’t tried cutting more than two pieces of heavyweight cardstock at the same time, so I can’t comment on several cuts.


Is the Cutterpillar available in metric units?

Yes. Both imperial and metric measurements are available in the new Pro ABS and Crop editions.

Is the Cutterpillar available in different colors?

No. The Cutterpillar is currently available in its distinctive color, a lovely lime green.

Do the LED lights throw light on the entire paper?

No. Most paper, including picture paper, card stock, and patterned paper, will allow the new LED lights to show through; however, some dark or thick card stock is opaque and will not allow the light to shine through.

Is it fruitful to use Cutterpillar for the photographs?

Yes! As a photo trimmer, the Cutterpillar is ideal. The LED lights’ under-lighting glows through photo paper, allowing people to see exactly where users are cutting.

What could be the ideal paper size that can be cut by using the Cutterpillar?

Despite the fact that the Cutterpillar Pro was designed to cut 12×12″ paper, it will only cut 1/16″ shy of 13″ paper.

What is the smallest strip the Cutterpillar can trim?

As the Cutterpillar lacks a paper holding or a plastic guard, it can clip even the finest silver, causing it to curl.

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