Digital Music Piano Keyboard 61 Key – Portable Electronic Musical Instrument Multi-function Keyboard

For generations, the piano has been revered as a sacred instrument. It makes no difference if users have always wanted to learn to play the piano or if individuals have been doing so for decades.

Sometimes all it takes is a little prodding to get the fingers moving in the right direction. Playing the piano can be a soothing and renewing experience for both the audience and the musician. However, as enjoyable as it is to perform a well-known tune, practicing is a quite different tale.

Agnes Obel, Danish Singer-Songwriter once said,“Sometimes I feel like a melody doesn’t have anything to do with me, but it’s just something that comes, is accumulated from me playing on the piano, and then this little creature just appears.”

The piano is a prominent keyboard device widely used in western music for solo performance, chamber music, and accompaniment, as well as for composition and practice. It is attributed to Bartolomeo Cristofori of the eighteenth century.

Steel strings are struck with felt hammers to make a sound on the piano. These vibrations are carried through the bridges to the soundboard, where they have projected acoustically. From classical to modern, the piano has long been an important part of many musical genres.


Digital Music Piano Keyboard 61 Key

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 29.3 x 9.9 x 3.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.04 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Digital
  • Brand: Tencoz

Product Features:

Environmental Friendly:

This children’s keyboard is composed of non-toxic, eco-friendly plastic. Safety and kid-friendliness. Fine craftsmanship and a child-safe design with smooth edges.

Goes Well for Aspiring Ones:

The ideal equipment for a beginner musician. A fantastic music instructional toy for children’s brain development.


Electronic piano with 61 black and white buttons. Plastic and electronic elements are used to construct this item.

Not Suitable for Experienced Ones:

This electronic keyboard piano is merely a toy for children. If users require a more industrial keyboard, one should look for one in a larger size at other stores.


Guaranteed maintenance for 18 months. Client service that is easily reachable.

Modes of Encoding and Decoding:

This is an excellent keyboard piano for training. These professional electric digital musical keyboards allow users to record and playback audio in real time, allowing anyone to analyze and evaluate their ability.

A Magical Box:

The package appears with a single microphone and a USB charging cable. Also, comes with a piano with 61 keys and a product guide for better understanding.

Power Source:

A lithium-ion battery is integrated right into the device. With a charging line, customers can get a boost of power.

Our Opinion:

It’s a fantastic piano toy. It’s a hit with our daughter. The keys are just the appropriate size for a six-year-little old’s hand. The sound is fantastic. There are many functions for different noises. It’s fantastic.

The only thing missing is a simple tutorial for newcomers to the game. If a youngster never learned to play like our girl but dreamed of owning a piano, some stickers for fundamental finger placement should be included.

Aside from that, this toy piano is a terrific piano toy that looks just like the real one. It runs on four AA batteries, and I recommend it, however, I’d want instructions because no one in my family plays the piano. It is possible to play the piano well with this instrument. It’s ideal for a beginner.


Why is the piano so lovely?

It’s a polyphonic piece. As a result, unlike instruments like the flute or violin, when playing alone, one can play works with complex and rich harmonies. As a result, the piano is an exciting solo instrument. Simultaneously, the piano sounds lovely when accompanied by other instruments.

What is the name of a good pianist?

Users are a pianist if individuals can play the piano. The term is most commonly used to denote a professional pianist, such as a symphony pianist.

What is the name of a little piano?

A spinet is a harpsichord or other keyboard equipment, such as a piano or organ that is smaller than a harpsichord.

What is the origin of the name piano?

The instrument’s original name was “clavicembalo with piano e forte” (literally, a harpsichord that can play soft and loud noises). This was abbreviated to “piano,” which is now a widespread term.

How does a piano sound?

The vibrations of the strings are communicated to the soundboard via the bridges, and the soundboard vibrates the air, resulting in a powerful sound. To make sound, the entire piano vibrates, particularly the soundboard.

What kind of family does the piano belong to?

Whether the piano is a percussion or a string instrument is a point of contention. It’s played by tapping the fingers on the 88 black and white keys, indicating that it’s a percussion instrument.

On a piano, how many strings are there?

The number of strings varies by model, although it is typically around 230.

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