5 Best Digital Piano for Beginners Buyer’s Guide & Review

Choosing the best digital piano for beginners is not easy. This is because there are various options available. For beginners choosing between the different options is a herculean task. The most popular option may not be the best for the beginner’s skill level.


Best Digital Piano for Beginners

1: Yamaha P-115B – 88 Key Digital Piano for Beginners

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This digital piano is good for beginners. It has many features that make you enjoy a digital piano. Yamaha is known for their high-quality pianos, this is the best among the P series by the company.

The product is unique and it is not surprising that it one of the best selling packages on the internet. This is what one should expect because of the user-friendly features.

It has many features that make it unique and here are some of them…


When you are looking for this kind of product, the most important factor to consider is the sound quality. In terms of the sound, no other brand can compare with this. It features Pure CF sound engine. This is highly reliable and it ensures high sound performance.

Another thing that helped the sound quality is the tweeters, which are mounted on the top, this combines with AUX output to produce better sound.

Perhaps the greatest thing you are going to like here is the soft touch. This is because it is designed with superior quality and highly Graded Hammer Standard GHS technology.

The instrument will generate authentic touch when you use it. Apart from the basic features, the best budget keyboard piano has additional features, which you can enjoy as you advance.

If you use it outdoors, you will like it because it makes for improved performance. This is possible with its AUX out jack and so on.


  • The height is adjustable
  • Sturdy constructed
  • Very comfortable to use
  • It produces superior sound
  • It features a USB port because of that you can easily connect your PC or your iPad.


  • Warranty is not widely available

2. Yamaha DGX230 – 76 Key Digital Piano for Students

Yamaha DGX230

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This digital piano is meant for those beginners who do not have enough space in their homes to accommodate a big piano. The sound quality is high because it sounds the same way like a big piano.

The company provides educational suites in terms of lessons. The lessons are self-paced and they are designed in such a way that beginners will understand it. In addition to that, it has other fantastic features that make it great.


This is perhaps the cheapest among the Grand series of the company. Even though it is affordable, it shares the same features as the most advanced ones.

It has other premium features like Samson stereo headphone, keyboards, as well as World Tours SXKS keyboard stand.

This feature makes it possible for you to record multiple tracks at a time. This musical keyboards for beginners feature an inbuilt recorder. Multiple tracks available in the system make it possible for you to blend the sounds.

The digital piano uses highly graded soft-touch keys. Because of this, the piano looks like it is an acoustic piano, as it features different resistance levels.

It features the full keyboard mode. Because of the way the keyboard is designed, you can play bass notes with your left hand and chord with the right hand. The method is equally convertible as you become familiar with the system.

The sound is enhanced and because of that, it produces reverb, harmony, as well as the chorus. Most importantly, the stereo sound is superb because of the tweeters and woofers.

It makes internet connectivity possible through the USB port and flash drive. This means that you can connect your laptop and so on.


  • The piano is affordable
  • The sound quality is superb
  • Varieties of inbuilt sound
  • Realistic touch keys


  • Inconsistent audios

3: Alesis Coda Pro – 88 Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action

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his is perhaps the best digital piano for beginners. This means it is a great option for beginners. It has interesting and great features, which will facilitate the learning processes. It is equally good for intermediate users and has a feature for skilled users.

If you are on a budget, the brand is good because it is highly competitive. In addition to that, the electric piano keyboard has other fantastic features that make it great.


The model features an eighty-eight key keyboard. Each of the keyboards is weighted with a hammer action. This makes it great for different playing styles.

You can use the piano with external equipment and that is possible because of the AUX connectivity. In addition to that, 88-key digital piano has at least twenty different voices and you can choose from any of them. Because of that, it is good for advanced players.

You can create the type of sound effect you want the piano. This is possible because of the layering and split capability. With it, you can enjoy the deep and advanced musical sound.

Moreover, the piano features at least sixty preset songs. As a learner, you can play along with these songs. This is good for beginners because they can develop their skill within the shortest possible time.

For those who want to develop their own music, the piano features recording features. You can record and use it for whatever purpose that suits you. In addition to that, it has fifty accompany styles and because of this, you can develop your music the way you want it.


  • It makes high connectivity level available
  • You can create diverse music pieces without difficulties
  • It features voices and accompaniment styles and helps beginners
  • The product offers an advanced level of realism so that you can develop your skill easily


  • The keys are composed of plastic materials
  • The available sounds are not from professional pianos

4. Yamaha P115 – 88-Key Standalone Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

Yamaha P115

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This is one of the best digital pianos for beginners, yet packed with the greatest features. It has interesting features that help learners become perfect within a short time. It makes an available wide range of sounds such as duelling and sound boasts.

You can enjoy all these without extra features. Apart from that, it has other fantastic features that set it apart from several others on the market.


Yamaha claimed that no other piano of the same category could compare with this model in terms of quality and performance.

The model is compact and comes with everything you want. The most important thing is that it is highly portable. It has everything to hold your accessories and sheet music.

As said, this is one of the most simplified pianos out there. It is simple and very easy to setup. Just study the instructional manual and you can set it within the shortest time.

Another great thing about it is that it is easy and simple to play. This is because of the premium quality keyboard they used in the piano. You are going to like the keyboard because of the authentic feel. However, it appears that the keyboard can be unresponsive.

The excellent sound production is perhaps the best thing learners will prefer in the product. The sound organ is superb and many people rated it high for this.

The control features are easy and that is why it has little buttons for the control. In addition to that, it has connectivity feature such that you can connect it to the internet with your PC or phone and so on.


  • Super sound quality
  • Internet connectivity
  • Premium matte finish
  • Superior feel for the keys
  • Sturdily constructed and lightweight


  • LCD non-availability
  • It does not support Midi feature

5. Yamaha P71 – 88 – Key Action Digital Piano

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Yamaha P71 is no doubt one of the best digital pianos for beginners on the market today. Even intermediate and advanced players can happily use it, because of the advanced features.

It has a sustained pedal, as well as a power adapter. Because of that, it is easier for a novice to start using it. In addition to that, it has other fantastic features.


The piano has 88 weighted key keyboards. This feature is good for beginners because it makes it easier for them to train their hands. Moreover, it makes it enjoyable to use the keyboard.

Another great feature is that the piano can suitably fit anywhere you put it in your home or studio. Furthermore, it is not difficult to assemble. It is a question of checking the instructional materials provided.

The sound is exceptionally good. It sounds very authentic and it has twelve different voices, which mean that it has assorted voices. If you really want to be innovative and creative, this piano will help you achieve that without difficulties.

Most importantly, it has interesting features that can help you record your music. This means that you can easily make your own music and use it for performance.

Connectivity is equally possible because of the availability of USB. This can guide you, in deciding which piano to play. It equally makes it possible to connect to the internet.


  • Fantastically designed for easy use
  • The product has easy to learn features
  • The advanced and innovative sound feature
  • It features completely weighted keys keyboard and this makes learning easy


  • No LED screen
  • Constrained sound feature

There are lots of factors to consider, which can guide you in the final choice you make. The most important factor to consider is the skill level.

As a beginner, you should not look for the most complicated digital pianos. In the same way, it might not be the best option to look for the oversimplified pianos. This is because very soon you may not need it because you have overgrown it.

As a beginner, the piano you use should be manageable, and it should be a bit complicated. At least there should be a little challenge. Because of that, finding such a piano is not always easy.

You have to consider the available features. This determines what you can do with the piano, and what you cannot do with it. As a beginner, steer clear of complex pianos. You can consider it only when you are certain that you can easily navigate through it.

In the same way, you should not opt for the most expensive and the cheapest brand. The most expensive is not necessarily the best.

Features in such piano are always overwhelming and the tendency is that these complex features can scare beginners. As a beginner, here are the important features to look out for when are buying a piano for beginners:

  • Durable
  • Ease of use
  • Good price
  • Sound quality
  • Useful learning features

If you consider these qualities, you can always get the most useful digital piano.

If useful features for beginners are available, it will help you to learn and become perfect within the shortest possible time. Useful features can teach you how to play the piano.

There are other important features to consider, and they are as follows:


The fact that you are going to buy a piano does not mean that you should empty your bank account. Because of that, opt for affordable pianos, but not the cheapest. The price varies and it can range from one hundred dollars to five thousand dollars and above.

As said before, do not opt for the most expensive and the cheapest. Rather before you make your purchase, you have to make your budget. You should know that the more you spend, the more you get a product with valuable features.

Because of that, if you want more keys, improved sound, unique computer software as well as better quality, digital pianos with weighted keys, and cheaper maintenance, you should spend more on that.

The cheapest may not be the best because of the advanced features you will need in the future may not be available.

Ease of use: 

Furthermore, you must think of how convenient it is to use the digital piano when you eventually purchase it. Several models in the market are bulky and it may occupy many spaces in the home. Such bulky pianos may not be convenient to use.

You have to consider the space available for you and get a piano that can be accommodated in the space. Furthermore, you have to check the weight.

If you want a piano that can be in one place permanently, then you can opt for the bigger one, but if you want to be moving about with it, then look for the portable one because it is easier to move about.


Versatility is an equally important factor to consider when you are making your choice. As a beginner, you may not know the importance of this, but as you advance you see that you need digital pianos that can produce different sounds and volumes.

Consider the number of the headphone port, and piano keyboard for beginners because it determines what you can do with it.


Sound quality is equally vital for beginners. With this piano, you can manipulate the sound or you can download further sounds.

But, in choosing the sound option money can be an issue because if you want to add more sound features, it means that you will spend more money on that. Many users will like a piano they can easily switch between sound quality.


Finally, consider the issue of connectivity. As a digital piano, chances are there that you may want advanced features and plugins.

Many of these are available online and you can get them by being connected. Because of that, the issue of connectivity is vital. It can connect to your laptop to the internet and so on.

Final verdict

These are the best digital piano for beginners. As you can see, they have fantastic features, which make it easy for learners. Moreover, they are easy to use.

Most of them are affordable and they are compactly constructed. For any of these products you buy, you will enjoy, and you will have real value for your money.

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