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The title piano is inspired from the ancient Italian name for the instrument, “clavicembalo col piano e forte”—literally “harpsichord with gentle and loud.” This references to the piano’s ability to create tones at varied volumes depending on the velocity with which its keys are struck, unlike the harpsichord.

Francesca Lia Block, American Author once said, “Pianos, unlike people, sing when you give them your every growl. They know how to dive into the pit of your stomach and harmonize with your roars when you’ve split yourself open.

And when they see you, guts shining, brain pulsing, heart right there exposed in a rhythm that beats need-need, need-need, need-need, pianos do not run. And so she plays.”

The shape of a piano has changed over time. The current grand piano retains the original harpsichord (or wing) shape; the less-expensive square (really rectangular) piano, which was popular in the early nineteenth century, was supplanted by the upright piano, which has vertical strings. The piano dominated Western music for at least 150 years.

Hamzer is known for producing high-quality musical devices and premium keyboards with a wide range of functions at a reasonable cost.


Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 35.9 x 16.7 x 6.1 inches
  • Product Weight: 7 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Digital
  • Brand: Hamzer

Product Features:

An Absolutely Perfect, True-To-Life Soundscape:

Built-in speakers produce excellent audio. 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 61 keyboard percussions, and 24 demo tunes are included.

Interactive Educational Framework:

This multi-function keyboard piano has 61 keys and is designed for beginner to intermediate use. It has a traditional piano or organ feel for diverse learning and an engaging acoustic experience.

To make piano learning easier and faster, the keyboard comes with a complete set of transparent stickers to designate the piano keys.

Premium Functions And Characteristics:

This portable piano keyboard is ideal for mastering finger control, allowing users to play single-fingered and fingered auto-bass chords, as well as select chord timbre, program/edit rhythm, and use effects like vibrato, sustain, and ensemble.

Rhythm sync and fill-in, tempo modification, accompanying volume, and a master volume control are among the other capabilities.

Recording And Streaming, As Well As a Microphone and an Audio Connector:

With the option to record and playback for enhanced performance, anyone may belt out a song or quietly rehearse on headphones. Audio input, output, and headphone jack are all included, as well as a microphone with a 4′ wire.

Superior Quality:

This digital piano electronic music keyboard combines high, professional-grade capabilities with a user-friendly design to provide limitless adaptability for developing and sharpening talents. Simply relax and have fun with friends and family for hours.

Power Source:

Simply use 6 AA batteries that are not included to power the device. For longer play sessions, use the US-standard 110-120 volt power adapter and connect it into the wall.

Easy to Carry:

Simple to operate and transport. Out of the box, it’s ready to use. Take this portable, lightweight musical keyboard with oneself wherever they go.

Our Opinion:

My 14-year-old daughter was the recipient of this purchase. Despite my lack of musical ability, I find this keyboard to be really incredible. There’s a lot to discover. Definitely a good investment.

The price is quite affordable. It contains all of the qualities we were looking for. It’s really light and easy to move around. She’s having a blast, whether she’s playing simple piano or utilizing all of the other rhythms and capabilities.


Which of the six major instrument families are users familiar with?

The vast majority of musical devices fall into one of six categories: bowed strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, and the guitar family, with the first four being the foundation of the modern symphony orchestra.

What is the name of the piano’s top?

The lid, often known as the top, is a piece of wood usually hardwood that protects the piano’s playing mechanism.

What are the names of the piano hammers?

A tack piano is a modified version of a regular piano in which objects are placed on the instrument’s felt-padded hammers at the point where the hammers strike the strings, producing a tinny, percussive sound.

What is the number of moving components in a piano?

The piano’s action alone includes about 10,000 moving parts, with over 100 pieces in each note.

What do the symbols on a piano mean?

The letters p for piano, m for mezzo, and f for forte are used in music to indicate dynamics. Piano indicates a quieter dynamic than mezzo-piano, and forte indicates a louder dynamic than mezzo forte.

What are the names of the piano strings?

Piano wire, often known as “music wire,” is a specialized wire used in piano strings as well as other uses such as springs.

What are the various types of musical instruments?

Musical instruments are divided into four categories.

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