How many warrior cat books are there?

If readers are unfamiliar with the Warriors universe, the sheer number of characters and plots in this series may overwhelm anyone. The teacher made students stand aside and inform them that every book we read had to include a human protagonist because Fireheart and his warrior cats were so essential to mankind.

This looked incredibly unjust. One will notice that the Warrior Series wasn’t just a bunch of goofy cat books. Political intrigue, religious war, forbidden love, and horrific cat deaths abound in these complicated books. They were terrifying and upsetting.


What are warrior books?

Warrior is a collection of books about the exploits and dramas of several feral cat tribes. The majority of the story takes place in the fictional White Hart Woods and, subsequently, Sanctuary Lake.

What is the average volume of warrior’s novels?

There are almost 60 novels in the Warriors series. There are six books in the original warrior series. Power of Three and The New Prophecy are two of the four spinoffs. Listed below are the 6 warrior series:

Into the Wild:

Four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest for years, following the laws set down by their forefathers. However, the Thunder Clan cats are in great danger, and the warrior code is under siege.

Every day, the evil Shadow Clan grows more powerful. During all chaos, an average housecat named Rusty appears, who may prove to be the bravest fighter of all.

Fire and Ice:

Fireheart is now a Thunder Clan warrior, but he still has a long way to go. Rival River Clan’s cats are becoming restless, while Wind Clan is vulnerable and under attack from all sides.

Now, not only is Fireheart facing an impending fight, but he is also facing treason from within his Clan.

Forest of Secrets:

The Clans of warrior cats that wander the forest are shifting their allegiances. Friendships can turn into adversaries overnight when tensions are so carefully balanced, and some cats are willing to kill to obtain what they want.

Fireheart is determined to learn the truth regarding the death of former Thunder Clan deputy Redtail, who died mysteriously. However, in his pursuit for answers, he uncovers things that should be kept hidden.

Rising Storm:

Fireheart is dealing with dark omens, an apprentice with a devastating secret, and a shattered Clan leader who is a shell of her former self during a scorching summer. And as the jungle heats up, every cat prepares for the impending storm.

A Dangerous Path:

Shadow Clan has picked Tiger claw as their new leader, and Fireheart is concerned that this old foe is plotting vengeance on his former Clan. An unknown menace has infiltrated the jungle, putting the lives of all cats in jeopardy. Thunder Clan’s cherished leader has abandoned their warrior forefathers. Fireheart can’t help but wonder whether she’s correct has Star Clan completely abandoned them?

The Darkest Hour:

The time has come for Fireheart, now Firestar, and Thunder Clan’s leader, to confront his fate. Tiger star’s nefarious schemes have pushed the entire forest to the verge of a horrific and fatal fight. Prophecies are now being fulfilled, and heroes will rise.


In warrior books, how many subseries are there?

Except for the seventh sub-series, which is still under progress, there are currently seven sub-series, each with six books.

Who are the authors of warrior cat books?

Erin Hunter, and Dan Jolley, are the authors of warrior cat books.

What is the genre of warrior cat books?

Fantasy fiction and young adult fiction are the genres of warrior cat books.

What age group does the warrior cats series target?

One of the best series in the history of children’s literature is the Warriors series. This series is for children aged 8 and up who are beginning to read.

In warriors, who is the oldest cat?

Mistystar is the oldest cat in the warrior series.

Who is the owner of warrior cats?

Coolabi Group Limited is the owner of warrior cats.

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