Kenwood DDX373BT Review: In-Dash Double Din Monitor DVD Receiver

The Kenwood ddx373bt is the newest of Kenwood multimedia receiver. It was introduced in the market in 2015 and customers have marked it as the best touch screen car stereo. It has amusing features which have been improved from the cons of previous multimedia players which makes it highly competitive.

Unlike the other multimedia players, you can adjust the lights in this car stereo; you can lower the lights during the day and increase it at night. Kenwood ddx373bt is available on Amazon at a pocket-friendly price of $229.99, and it can be shipped overseas.


Kenwood DDX373BT Review

Kenwood DDX373BT

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1. Has DVD/CD receiver with AM and Fm tuner button:

You can get entertained by any music that you want while driving. This device is made in a way that it has a DVD and a CD slot which can play any disc. The good news is that you can tune in to AM and FM to listen to your favorite music and programs. It, therefore, eliminates boredom.

2. It has a built-in internal Amplifier (22 watts, RMS/50 peak 4 channels):

Are you tired of using a subwoofer that needs high power but still produces low-quality sound? Internal AMP (22watts, RMS 50 peak 4 channels) is best because it uses less power for bass and still gives you high-quality melody to boost your satisfaction

3. Has 6.2 touchscreen with variable color illumination:

Everyone loves the car stereo which looks like illuminating dash scheme. This model lets you adjust colors for various parts of the receiver. You can use different colors like red on display and blue for the buttons. This gives you the perfect feeling you have been looking for.

DDX373BT Double Din Monitor

4. It has a built-in Bluetooth:

This means that you can make calls without using your hands on the phone. This will make you continue the conversation still on steering. It also gives you the advantage of listening to audio in low tones.

5. Has Pandora control with I phone and android:

Everyone wants a car stereo that can support a Pandora with android. Everyone wants to listen to thousands of excellent melody songs while driving. This device gives you this super experience as it is fitted with a Pandora control app for iPhone and Android phones.

6. It has 13 band equalizer which is digital time alignment:

This allows you to customize the sound you are listening to. It provides adjustability of the kind of music you want which makes it the best car stereo for you.


Not all car stereo is compatible with SiriusXM satellite radios and tuners, but Kenwood ddx373dt has been proven to be compatible with SiriusXM satellite.

This means that one can stream any music with wireless connections. It also gives more SiriusXM features which include tune mix and sportfish. It also gives you access to live broadcast of satellite radio and gameplay.

It is compatible with almost all factory steering wheel audio control. You only need to get good steering wheel audio adapters; this gives you the chance of changing the music while you are still on the steering. It is also compatible with Bluetooth hence you can listen to audios in low volume and also you a making calls without necessary holding the phone.

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Are you looking for the best car stereos multimedia player? Kenwood ddx373bt is the best multimedia player for you. Kenwood ddx373bt does not compromise on features. It has highly improvised features which go far beyond the customers’ expectations. It has a reasonable price tag which has made it a darling to many.

Note that worth: is Kenwood ddx373bt best for you?

If you are looking for a car stereo with improved features and manageable few cons, then Kenwood ddx373dt is best for you. Its price has been reviewed, and therefore it has the best price in the market for its features. With only $299.99 you have the best car stereo.

It has many features such as inbuilt Bluetooth for hands-free calling which makes it be reviewed as best by the customers that have used it. Most of customers reviews are excellent except for a few cons which are manageable and which the company is working to fix.

It has a 1-year warranty, and therefore any mechanical malfunction will be fixed by the company. Most clients have confidence in this product, and therefore it is advisable that you join them by purchasing it today.


  • Built-in iPod, Ipad control, and iPhone.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calling.
  • It fits a double-din dash opening.
  • It has a built-in internal Amp


  • It has average audio quality.
  • It doesn’t have a wireless remote

Build & design

The device has a special design which makes it a premium product. It has a touch panel which has a crucial variable illumination. It features a 6.2 inch VGA with colored LCD which comes with a Back led light for better illumination.

It is fitted with several Smartphone features such as I pad control, a built-in I pod, iPhone, built-in AOA control for Android. It has a Pandora control system and also has Bluetooth connectivity feature for calling at a distance and also has music streaming capability with the duo phone connection.

It has recordable discs where you can play all your CDs and DVDs. It is designed in such a way that you can insert a USB into the receiver’s USB input for best performance. It is designed in such a way that it has a SiriusXM ready and therefore it is recommendable for those who dislike or those who are tired of listening to Radio.

By adding a SiriusXM tuner to the receiver, you can listen to any station at any place you are. It has a rearview camera input which makes the driver hook up on a caravan when there is no person to guide him.


What are the best facilities for this amazing Kenwood receiver?

The best Kenwood ddx373bt can connect with Bluetooth audio and hands-free calling options. It is capable with iPhone, iPad, and iPod accessibilities.

How many inches of display this device has?

This Kenwood receiver may have 6.2 inches VGA display system with a huge control panel that fulfills all the requirements.

Can this player give you access to DVDs and CDs?

Yes, now you can easily play DVD and have the feature of USB that inserts into the portal part for best-performing conditions.

What is the best part of this Kenwood ddx373bt that helps in the boredom?

Now you will get each and everything in this one amazing device, now you can get access to FM and AM through this receiver.

How many voltage amplifiers are used in this Kenwood device?

The best amplifier used in this instrument is 22 watts, RMS/50 peaks maximum range with four channels accessibility.

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