Pioneer Avh-290bt Review: Built in with Amazing Features

Do you need a new, state of the art, DVD receiver that also gives you built-in Bluetooth capabilities? Are you sick of your old system not giving you what you need? How about a new system that is affordable and easy to use? I know it all sounds amazing and too good to be true, but let’s take some time to tell you why you need this Pioneer Avh 290bt in your car!


Pioneer Avh-290bt Review


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The Pioneer AVH-290BT has a 6.2″ display screen. It offers LED backlighting and your choice of 3 different display colors. You can control the brightness of the screen and it has an on/off dimmer switch. The resolution on the unit is WVGA (800 X 400). With all of this built into the unit, it is easy for using and totally customizable.


It has a built-in Bluetooth system. It offers a hands-free profile. It is simple and secure to pair your devices to it. It has an audio/video remote control profile as well as an advanced audio distribution profile. Using Bluetooth with this Pioneer device is so simple.

In just seconds you can have your devices paired and ready to use with this system. It really could not be easier to use this system with your Bluetooth devices.

Digital Media Playback:

This Pioneer system offers so much in digital media playback. All of the following can be used: CD/CD-R/RW playback, audio WMA playback, audio MP3 playback, AAC audio playback, audio FLAC playback,WAV audio playback, DVD-R/DVD/RW/Video playback DVD, MPEG-1 playback video, MPEG-2 playback video, MPEG-4 playback video, AVI/DivX Video Playback, WMV Video playback and JPEG photo slideshow viewer. As you can see, all of your digital media can adapt to this system making it very useful for any of your media needs.

Pioneer Multimedia


RCA Pre-outs, built-in amplifier, customizable graphic equalizer, D/A converter, crossover network, subwoofer control, and loudness adjustment. Audio is completely under your control if you have this Pioneer product. Don’t be left behind with another system, this is the one you want!


It has USB, AUX input, backup camera input, wired remote input, composite video output, mini-jack AV cable and USB direct control for iPod or iPhone. As you can see, this system can deliver whatever you need it to.

It is so versatile, you can connect anything extra you want to. You won’t need to leave any device behind, they will all be compatible with this Pioneer product.

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If you are in the market for an affordable, easy to install touchscreen stereo receiver, this is the unit for you. The system is user-friendly, has a touchscreen with LED back lighting that makes it easy to use, even at night. This system really gives you all you need in one unit. When shopping around, make this unit top of your list!

Note that Worth: Is the Price Right for the Pioneer AVH-290bt?

Are you afraid when you see the price of this compared to other systems? Don’t be. It may cost less than other models and brands, but it still has everything you need.

The standouts of the Pioneer AVH-290bt is the expandability it has with any product you have. It has all the media and audio components you need while still being user-friendly. The options it offers are endless.

There are some technical glitches to it, but the great stuff about it really outweighs the few cons it does have. Button placement can become a habit, even if they are not placed exactly in the most user-friendly places. The software is not as advanced as models that are much more expensive, but still gives you everything you need.

I think that this system is perfect for most consumers. There may be the more tech savvy that would want a higher end model, but for most this item is well worth the cost. You can get it installed quickly and easily and you can be listening to the music you want in no time at all.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Responsive touchscreen.
  • Easy to install and use.


  • The layout of buttons.
  • The software does not compare to higher-priced models


Pioneer took what could be a complex piece of equipment, and made it very user-friendly. There is a 6.2″ WVGA display with built-in Bluetooth. The Pioneer AVH-290BT is all set up to have a straight connection to your iPod device and iPhone. Don’t have an Apple device?

No worries, an alternate USB line cable will get your non-Apple device connected and ready to go. You can easily see the time, song, artist, and even album information on the touchscreen. The USB connection not only provides a direct signal move from your device but also keeps your iPod or iPhone charged using the 1 amp of current the system has.

The system provides easy-to-use interface buttons and installs directly into your dash in no time at all. The price cannot be beaten in comparison to similar units available on the market.

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