Pioneer AVH x3800 Review

Music is the soundtrack of your life: Music works great to start up your work with relaxation and pleasance. If you love to do your work with music, here is a piece of good news for you that it is scientifically proven that those who like to work with music, workouts harder.

As in other matters music also helps in our driving. So for a better music quality in your car, here comes a pioneer at x3800.


Pioneer AVH x3800

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Quick information:

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Dimension:11 inches in length * 9.5 inches in width * 6 inches in height
  • Dual phone connection: yes
  • Hd Radio: yes
  • Display: TFT LCD
  • Display size: 6.2″, 16:9
  • Voice control: yes
  • Screen customization: 13 backgrounds
  • Brightness control: yes
  • Navigation: AVIC-U260 needed
  • 3-way audio network mode: yes
  • Local seek tunning: yes
  • Detachable face security: yes
  • FM: 18
  • AM: 6
  • Subwoofer control: yes
  • USB: yes
  • Various language display: french, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
  • Aux input: yes
  • Output wattage: 50
  • Sirius album-art display: yes
  • Preamp voltage: 4 v
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Colour: black
  • Built-in amplifier: 50W * 4
  • Chassis size: double-din
  • Graphic equalizer: 13-bands
  • Batteries: 1 lithium metal batteries
  • Item weight: 3.7 pounds


  • The Pioneer AVH can connect the android devices of operating system 4.0 or later, and can hear music stored in their gadget without apps.
  • Its display resolution is WVGA 800 * 480, features 5 display colours, 112 key colours.
  • It supports dvd/dvd-r/ rw/ dvd- video playback.
  • To increase your music listening experience, it comes out with a 13 band EQ, sound retriever air, and high voltage preouts.
  • It also comes with Siri eyes-free, that allows many of the iPhone function like making phone calls, music selection, calendar information, hearing text messages, and reminders.
  • Pioneer has a voice recognition engine ( a part of the operating system on a smartphone). It is compatible with ios devices that have voice recognition capability.
  • With its navigation, you can go to whatever place you want to go by just entering the address while enjoying whatever is playing in the background.
  • It also comes with Mixtrax, this feature produces a non-stop mix of your music library and the DJ-inspired effects.

LETS print out some of its details:


It supports pandora, with pandora just select the name, of your favourite artist, song, and genre, and the rest function will be done by pandora. With pioneer AVH, you can experience the best sound quality and to have an experience of full control in pandora on the display in your car.

Pandora is compatible with specific android devices. android devices require a Bluetooth connection while the app is being used. The iOS devices need a wired connection and lightning devices, which require a CD–IU52 USB interface cable.


ONE-Cable affiliation:

The AVH-X3800BHS selections AppRadio One™, providing you with the power to look at and manage compatible iPhone and golem smartphone apps to simply access your digital manner from the receiver’s touchscreen employing a one-cable affiliation. Users of iPhone five or newer and choose golem smartphones will gain access to positive apps pattern.

Hands-Free vocation and Audio Streaming:

From hands-free vacation, wireless audio streaming with the creator, album, and song search, straightforward pairing, and voice recognition, Bluetooth® wireless technology has created life at intervals the vehicle way more convenient.

The AVH-X3800BHS choices Bluetooth as a result of the new broadband Speech Handsfree Profile one.6. Nearly doubling the knowledge live of the frequency helps bring decision quality like FM reception.

Other selections embody the power to browse music libraries on smartphones wirelessly and Bluetooth twin Device affiliation for normal affiliation of 2 smartphone devices at the identical time. presently calls area unit on the point of being picked up by either of the paired phones, eliminating the requirement to undertake and unpair devices.

Spotify App Control:

With Spotify, you will manage your content from the Spotify app on iPhone and golem devices. If you’re a Spotify premium user (requires a monthly paid subscription), you will be able to relish ad-free, prime of the varied music even once there’s not any net affiliation.

Pioneer AVHX3800BHS


Pioneer gadgets are built to enhance entertainment in your digital life. Top-quality video and audio with various features, just to make your experiences excited with a good quality display, this is what we can expect from pioneer.

If you are looking for good quality audio, video, and display car stereo, then pioneer AVH is just perfect to achieve this goal, with its fabulous features in a reasonable price range.


Does it include USB?

Yes, it is capable of USB.

Does it is compatible with Bluetooth?

Yes, it is compatible with Bluetooth.

Which formats does it support?

It supports dvd/dvd-r/ rw/ dvd- video playback.

How much is its video resolution?

Its video resolution is WVGA 800 * 480.

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