Pioneer Deh-X6800BS Review: Built-in Smartphone Integration

If you are looking for a compact single din head unit which packs all the latest features such as voice control, Bluetooth connectivity, plenty of audio features and excellent compatibility, then Pioneer deh-X6800BS is a good option. It prides itself on all the mentioned features and even more hence meeting and exceeding the expectations of today’s drivers.

Also known as a deck, head unit or receiver, a car stereo is an essential component of your vehicle. It keeps you company when you are driving alone, it keeps you and your loved ones entertained during road trips, and it retains the excitement on when you, your spouse or friends no longer have stories to talk about during that long drive.

Pioneer Deh-X6800BS Review


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  • Dual-zone illumination and control
  • High-quality sound
  • Plenty of audio option
  • Electronic shock protection on the audio features


  • Voice recognition is only available to IOS users
  • USB ports are in the rear hence tricky to access

Built & Design

A good car stereo should be not only functional but also a good build and model because it is the first thing everyone sees when they enter your car. Fortunately, Pioneer Deh-X6800BS’s design does not disappoint. It has an easy to read display and controls which are easy to toggle with even without looking.

The text is displayed in three lines, for instance, if you put on a song, it will show the artist, name of the song and the album info. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to displaying colours as there are about 21000 colours which you can customize and come up with your favourite dual-zone colour illumination.

Also because too much light can be harmful to your eyes, it has a 10 level brightness control which enables you to adjust the brightness to your liking. You don’t have to worry about it being stolen as it is detachable. The CD player comes with remote control and has a full din design to protect it from dust.




 With Pioneer Deh-X6800BS every road trip, every journey or short trip is transformed into a party thanks to the innovative Mixtrax technology which creates a non-stop mix on your music library.

Whether you are listening to the music from your phone via Bluetooth, or from a CD this technology will add DJ inspired effects and the dual-zone illumination further enhances each moment and adds an extra level of entertainment.


 Listening to music, picking and making calls has never been this easy. One of the main features of Pioneer deh-X6800BS is its Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to pair it with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as your smartphone or iPod and have access to your playlists directly on the receiver.

You can also access your phone book via the receiver and thanks to the external microphone you get fewer sound interruptions.

Great Sound Quality: 

Excellent sound quality is the reason why most people upgrade their head units, and we are glad to let you know that Pioneer Deh-X6800BS offers not only good but excellent sound quality. For instance, if you are listening to CD content, the signal to noise ratio is 94 Db which means you get smooth sound only.

It also has a built-in amplifier, 13 band equalizer, Advanced sound retriever and 3 level loudness which ensures that the surrounding environment and the car’s movement does not affect what you are listening to.

Built-in HD Radio: 

As much as the other audio options come in handy, having a car stereo which offers you the AM/FM radio option is also quite efficient. It allows you to catch up on the news, listen to interviews from your favourite artists, politicians, and activists from the comfort of your car.

Now with the Pioneer Deh-X6800BS, you enjoy not only that but also enjoy high definition sound with fewer signal interruptions.

Voice Control: 

Nowadays voice control devices are the new black, and Pioneer Deh-X6800BS appreciates that by having a voice recognition engine. Thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth technology buyers can utilize Siri eyes-free which is often part of new iPhone models and once activated.

They can now prompt Pioneer Deh-X6800BS to play or make a music selection, make calls, read messages aloud, reminders and even calendar info via voice commands. Unfortunately, this features is only available to iPhone and other IOS users.

Pioneer DEH-X6800BS


The level of Pioneer Deh-X6800BS is another thing you will love about it. For instance, Pandora lovers will have something to smile about as it is enabled on this deck. It also comes with the Pandora radio app which you download on your smartphone and connect it with Pioneer Deh-X6800BS. From then you will have full control of it from the receiver’s LCD.

You can now give tracks a thumbs up or down and even bookmark songs for later purchases or switch between one station and another. Unfortunately, IOS users can only connect to Pandora via a USB cable. It also boasts excellent smartphone integration which allows both Android and IOS users to control their playlist via the receiver.

That is thanks to the built-in iPod, iPad and iPhone controls which offer IOS users direct control over the stereo and also Pioneers smartphone app. You can also access your favourite tunes and artists from Spotify by downloading the app on your phone and then connecting it via Bluetooth to the receiver so you can control it directly. Lastly, it has steering wheel control input compatibility and works with SiriusXM SXV300 tuner.

Note that worth: Does Pioneer Deh-X6800BS Worth?

After reviewing the bells and whistles of Pioneer Deh-X6800BS, we have concluded that it is indeed worth purchasing. First of all, it boasts excellent design and comes in a black colour which is often a multi-colour and thus blends in with any car interior.

Looks are not the only positive thing about Pioneer Deh-X6800BS as it packs an impressive bunch of features that would take us the entire day if we were to take an in-depth review of each of them. Even though it has a few of its cons, it has more beneficial pros which make it a must-have for any driver looking for a single din head unit.

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