RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano with LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano

The word piano is drawn from the ancient Italian name for the instrument, “clavicembalo col piano e forte “literally “harpsichord with gentle and loud.” This pertains to the piano’s ability to create tones at varied volumes depending on the velocity with which its keys are struck, unlike the harpsichord.

The piano is a prominent keyboard instrument widely used in western music for solo performance, chamber music, and accompaniment, as well as a practical assistance to composing and practice.

It is attributed to Bartolomeo Cristofori of the eighteenth century. Steel strings are struck with felt hammers to make sound on the piano.

These vibrations go through the bridges to the soundboard, where they are projected acoustically. The piano has historically played an important role in a variety of musical styles, from classical to modern.

Robert Schumann once said, “You write to become immortal, or because the piano happens to be open, or you’ve looked into a pair of beautiful eyes.”

RockJam is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and has over a century of design and manufacturing experience. They are a devoted and enthusiastic group of people that love music and want to share the joy of performing with the rest of the world.

The goal is to offer affordable musical instrument products and kits that are high in value and give the learner the best opportunity of succeeding in learning a life skill that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Product Weight: 19.84 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 61 Key Keyboard Kit
  • Brand: RockJam

Product Features:

A Magical Box:

A 61-key keyboard piano, keyboard stand, padded piano bench, keynote stickers and a music stand appears in the box. A pair of high-quality headphones are also included in the RockJam 561 super kit.

Versatile Equipment:

This electric piano keyboard package comes with an exclusive content for simply piano. Also, with an apple and android app that teaches budding musicians how to play.

Power Source:

This user-friendly keyboard features with a power connection for use at home. It can also be powered by 6 x 1.5V Size D batteries for use on stage or on the road.

Entertainment and Learning Together:

The LCD screen on the keyboard is clear and bright. It gives beginners information, such as which keys to press or which chords to perform when practicing demo tunes, making it the ideal keyboard for aspiring artists.

Easy to Transport:

The keys are full size, despite the keyboard’s tiny size. The strong and portable keyboard stand is a terrific method to ensure the stability of the keyboard and is very easy to fold up and take with you on the go.

All Ages Device:

For pianists of all ages, the padded piano stool is a comfortable option. The adjustable and durable stand, padded stool, and over-ear headphones that are all included in the super kit will benefit both kids and adults.

A Combination of Headphones & Speakers:

The over-ear headphones that come with the piano allow musicians to perform without bothering others. When it’s time for a performance, the keyboard’s built-in speakers will fill the space with rich, resonant sound.

Countless Beats:

The keyboard also comes with a plethora of sound presets. There are 50 demo songs, 100 rhythms, and 100 sounds included.


The RockJam 561 Keyboard Super Kit is a one-stop shop for all ones keyboard needs. This enables musicians of all skill levels to perform at their best.

Our Opinion:

This was a Christmas present for my 10-year-old granddaughter. I had looked at a variety of keyboards. What I enjoy about it is that it has a microphone, a stool, a pedal, and headphones.

There is also an App that is recommended for learning the keyboard, and you can place your phone or tablet right on the stand, and it will recognize the keys you are pressing.

When you put the headphones on, no one else can hear you play or practice, and the volume on the headphones is at a very comfortable level. Considering all I looked at, I considered this to be a fantastic deal for everything it includes.


Is it true that pianist’s type faster?

An amateur pianist was also educated over a six-month period to type simple correspondence on the piano keyboard, leading in the pianist being able to type phrases at 80 words per minute. At the piano, the pianist could type emails faster than anyone did on a QWERTY keyboard.

Why do pianists put on gloves before going to bed?

A pianist’s hands are their livelihood, so they naturally wish to safeguard them from any potential harm, such as that caused by nighttime tossing and turning.

Why do pianists have such lengthy fingers?

As a classical pianist, having long fingers can be both beneficial and detrimental. One can reach a 12th, 13th, or even 14th on the piano keyboard if users have long fingers and a broad hand span.

On the piano, what should one learn first?

Major scales are the first scales that most piano students learn since they are the most fundamental to the understanding of musical keys. Almost everyone agrees that the C Major Scale is the first scale to learn and master.

In piano, what are key signatures?

A key signature is a signal at the start of a song that indicates which piano notes will be sharp or flat for the duration of the song, but it also indicates what scale the song was written in.

Why are there black and white keys on a piano along with the colored keys?

The white keys correspond to musical tones, whereas the black keys correlate to half-step intervals between those tones. The colored keys aid pianists in distinguishing between natural and semitone notes.

When should a piano be introduced to a new user?

Piano lessons are best started when a child is between the ages of 6 and 9.

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