Sony WX-900BT Review – Should You Buy It or Not?

Bring out all the dynamics and details of every song as you drive with the latest CD receiver!

Sony has done it again with the introduction of the Sony WX-900BT CD receiver. It comes with a list of impressive features that pairs up with your mobile phone. Also, you can answer your hands-free and stream music and content wirelessly.

For those Siri – compatible phones, you have the luxury of making a call or sending a message with a command prompt. Talk about capability, convenience, and a whole new level of coolness in your car’s audio system. However, it is important to ensure the CD receiver is compatible with your car’s system.


Sony WX-900BT Review


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The Sony WX-900BT CD receiver has a host of amazing features that make it stand out from the rest.

General Features

  • Built-in amplifier with 17 watts and four channels
  • Allows hands-free calling and audio streaming with its inbuilt Bluetooth
  • Remote controlled
  • AM/FM tuner CD receiver
  • Has a color illuminator with a variable color display
  • Compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, and CDs with MP3/WMA music files

Smartphone Aspects

  • Works perfectly with Siri- compatible phones for making calls and sending messages
  • Has the app remote mode for Android and iPhones
  • One-touch pairing NFC with compatible phones
  • Comes with the SongPal app compatible with Android and iPhone

Audio Features

  • Comes with high and low pass filters
  • It is loud enough to bring out all the dynamics of the music
  • Its EQ 10 10 band equalizer bring out the best of the music
  • Has a DM+ enhancer for the soundstage coupled with a time alignment


  • Has 6-channel preamp outputs
  • Works perfectly well with Pandora Internet radio with Blackberry, iPhone, and Android compatible phones
  • Has an auxiliary input and the front –panel USB

Other features

  • Customizable 2-state illumination with colors of your choice
  • Produces a powerful sound thanks to its 4*55 amp
  • Compatibility with most of the car’s wheel audio controls
  • Has the Sirius XM satellite radio connector which enhances compatibility and offers direct connections to tuners around you


One of the aspects that makes the Sony WX-900BT CD receiver stand out is its compatibility features. For iPhone users, Siri can manage your calls, text, social media notifications, and music.

Secondly, the receiver connects with your Android and Blackberry phone allowing you to stream music. It also enables you to receive calls without holding your phone.

It is also compatible with the leading Internet radio service Pandora which allows users with compatible smartphones to listen to music with their personalized radio station anywhere and at any time. The receiver is enabled to access your Pandora account as long you are connected.

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If you are looking for a car audio system that will bring out all the dynamics of music, the search ends with the Sony WX-900 BT CD receiver. For starters, it is a wide array of amazing features.

We live in a day and age where convenience and performance are necessary evil. Fortunately, the Sony CD receiver meets these needs. Talk about the integrated Bluetooth technology that allows the user to audio stream and receive your calls hands-free! The sound control features take the music top-notch. You do not have to listen to music with a screeching high pitch or a too-loud bass.

It is also compatible with your smartphone. If your phone is Siri-enabled, you can make calls or send messages via a command prompt. What more would you want from your car audio system?

The downside though, not all car’s audio systems can comfortably fit this unit. It is essential to ensure it will fit in your car before making a purchase.

Not That Watch: Is Sony WX-900BT CD Receiver Worth Its Investment?

The search for the perfect car radio receiver ends with the Sony WX-900BT CD receiver. For starters, it has improved features that make it worth its salt. Its compatibility, amazing sound controls, and other specifications bring out all the music dynamics.

Read through the reviews and discover why car owners love the CD receiver. It is affordable, easy to install, and fits almost all car audio systems. Secondly, it has inbuilt features that make it easy to operate and enhance compatibility.

You can select your playlist, make calls, manage notifications, and send messages without touching your phone. It is the perfect CD receiver choice for your car audio needs.


  • It comes with an integrated Bluetooth technology with sound synchronization, one-touch NFC listening, and SongPal App
  • Convenient wireless remote with an external hands-free microphone
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Has a dynamic color illuminator with a variable color display


  • Not compatible will all cars audio systems
  • Does not connect simultaneously with multiple devices

Built & Design

The Sony WX-900 BT is designed to fit in almost any car without any additional installation items. The black CD receiver is lightweight and easy to install. It has an LCD type that is compatible and can integrate with various audio formats and media types( CD-R, CD-RW). Also, its inbuilt Bluetooth integration facilitates hands-free calling and music streaming.

It also has an array of Bluetooth profile options and an in-dash unit. It comes with a Double-Din enclosure type. You do not have to worry about clunky sound effects thanks to some fantastic features. It comes with the rear bass enhancer, dynamic sound-stage organizer, and digital sound enhancement engine.

The controls are amazing too. Imagine the balance, volume, loudness, fader, and subwoofer level which brings out the dynamics of the music!

The CD receiver also comes with a 10-band equalizer digital graphic qty. The Equalizer Factory presets has various music options ranging from soul to rock to country and dance music. Also, it has a +/- 6 dB noise level making it perfectly safe for human hearing capabilities.

Its dimensions and weight give it a competitive edge over the rest of the CD receivers. It only weighs 3.9 lbs making it lightweight. Secondly, its height, weight, and depth specifications( 3.9 by seven by 7 inches) make it a perfect fit for almost all car’s audio systems.

The manufacturer offers one year warranty and other maintenance services too.


Does the receiver need extra parts to be adjusted in various cars like the 2003 Grand Prix?

It depends on your setup, it may need antennae and adopter. For each car setup, there are different accessories needed for adjustment.

The USB In the system may be able to charge the phone?

Yes, the USB-supported devices are charged by this receiver when your car ignition switch is on.

Does it play FLAC files from a USB or is there a need for an iPad?

No there is no need for an extra iPad or any other device rather it can easily and directly play Flac files from a USB flash drive.

Can a 5-channel amp be hooked up on this receiver?

Yes, it has a head, back and sub-RCA outputs that enable it to handle 4-5 channels amp easily.

Does it fit with the iPhone Bluetooth? And what other phones it supports?

Yes, it goes best with iPhone especially iPhone 8. Other information you can check on the manual sony official site.

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