Swingline Paper Trimmer with Rotary Paper Cutter 30 Sheet beneficial for Commercial, Heavy Duty

A dedicated paper cutter will keep lines straight and speed up your projects when you need to trim paper, pictures, or other art materials. While guillotine-style cutters are popular, many crafters and artists prefer rotary trimmers for a variety of reasons. Because the blade is out of the way and difficult to reach, they are safer for both you and your children.

You can also use rotary trimmers to create continuous cuts on huge pages. Finally, unlike guillotine cutters, most models allow you to replace the blades when they become dull or to generate specific edge cuts (think scalloping and pinking).

To help you finding one of the best rotary paper cutters, we have reviewed an awesome product for you with a possible FAQ regarding this product.

The SmartCut A500pro Commercial Series rotary trimmers are the perfect heavy-duty trimmers for large documents and projects with a high volume. The manual clamp secures the papers in place for precise cutting. Up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. paper can be cut with a steel blade.

The large, strong metal base gives plenty of workspaces as well as long-term durability. Presentations, flyers, major projects, thick stacks of bond paper, and other office materials can all benefit from cutting. Placing paper under the cutting rail is made easier with the translucent paper guide.


Swingline Paper Trimmer with Rotary Paper Cutter

Swingline Paper Trimmer with Rotary Paper Cutter

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  • Brand: Swingline
  • Color: grey
  • Item weight: 11 pounds
  • Product dimension: ‎18 x 35 x 6.3 inches
  • Cutting length: 24 inches
  • Sheet cutting capacity: 30 sheets at one time
  • Replacement parts: blade and mat
  • Construction: durable


The 24” cutting length is ideal for everyday trimming as well as more difficult applications. It’s ideal for big documents. The safety of the user is ensured by the concealed rotating trimmer blade.


The rotary trimmer cuts through enormous stacks with ease, cutting up to 30 sheets. It’s ideal for high-volume projects. Papers are held in place with a manual clamp for precise trimming.


For precision trimming, a heavy-duty trimmer with a rotary blade is used. With a huge, strong metal base, it’s built to last.

potary Paper Cutter


The parts are simple to change. The cutting mat (9624CM) and replacement straight blade (9613RB) are offered separately. Save time by cutting multiple pieces at once! Cutting up to 30 sheets at once using a high-capacity rotary cutter.

No stumbling:

Papers are held in place with a manual clamp for precise trimming.

Exact measurements:

For exact measuring, use an alignment grid and a dual scale ruler. They have both centimeters and inches for correct measurements.

Blade are safe:

The blade edges of the rotary trimmer are hidden, making it safer to operate.

Best for oversized papers:

The documents that are big in size, the paper that are heavy and you are unable to cut them with any ordinary paper cutter or paper trimmer machine out there, then this equipment will be in use!

Metal base:

The base of this paper cutter is made of metal which means it causes no slipping form the table or the desk on which you are using this machine.

Simple design:

With grey eye-catching and alluring contrast, this machine is super! It has a very simple and unique appearance too that will compel you to have an easy task other than a hectic one!

Best for offices and schools:

As students in schools and employees in offices required paper cutters or paper trimmers because they have to deal with a lot of documents including reports, drafts, final work, printing, etc, so this equipment gives you its best result in offices and schools.

Paper Cutter

Our opinion:

We would definitely recommend this item to all the art and craft students, office workers, students, and teachers too that require some rotary paper cutter in their daily life. With its long warranty, best result, and easy to handle features, we hope it will prove itself perfect for your next task!


Please let me know what type of blade would I need if I want to replace the blade that is already in it?

Hey, thanks for your question, you can change or replace the blade by referring the model number of the blade of this machine.

Can I use this paper cutter to cut the fabric too?

No, for your information, it only cuts all sorts of paper.

What is the warranty of this machine?

The life of this paper cutter is 1 year. Hey, can you please let me know about the cutting length of this swingline paper cutter? Thanks in advance. This machine is available in four cutting lengths, that re #9612 – 12 in., #9615 – 15 in., #9618 – 18 in. and #9624 – 24 in.

Is this machine also available in wood or black color?

No, it is only available in grey matte color.

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