X-ACTO Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer made up of wood material that cuts 20 sheets at one time!

Did you realize that your ordinary paper shaper has a naughty name, which adds many layers of characters and coolness to it?
The name, as the title proposes, is Guillotine. Believe it or not, such is the sharpness and conceivable risk of utilizing this gadget, that it was named after the archaic instrument of conveying fast passing.

Mineral direct, nonetheless, their sharpness and exactness guarantee that your activities, cards, and different articulations of your inventiveness will turn out comparable to conceivable. Typical commonplace scissors can’t approach the degree of control you can practice over the shape and profundity of your cuts.

So today, we’re going to go through probably the best plan accessible available. it is totally looked into, and very much clarified with every one of the subtleties. Further, there’s will be a little aide of FAQ that diagrams what to search for when you’re putting resources into a great shaper.

Precise and proficient, the X-ACTO Commercial Grade Guillotine Trimmer is intended for school and office settings and cuts high volumes of paper easily. With a strong wood base for consistent cutting, this trimmer can rapidly and precisely slice 10 to 15 pieces of paper immediately.

The Perpetual Edge self-honing framework saves the edge sharp for clean cuts without fail, while wellbeing provisions, for example, the security watchman and security lock ensure clients during use. This X-ACTO trimmer is a strong and reliable accuracy cutting instrument for laborers, instructors, and understudies the same.

With the layout far removed, we should continue with the audit!


X-ACTO Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

X-ACTO Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

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  • Brand: X-Acto
  • Color: Maple
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Shape: square
  • Product dimension: 29.52 x 6.29 x 22.04 inches
  • Material: wood
  • Size: 18 In x 18 In
  • Sheets cutting capacity: 20 sheets

Heavy wood base:

The base od this paper cutter is very stable that provides you the opportunity to frequently cuts many papers without any hesitation or slipping of the base.

Cuts multiple things:

With accurate, sharp and precise cutting, this paper cutter has the ability to cut photographs, paper, films, card boards and all sorts of paper reacted things.

Straight and Accurate Cuts Every Time:

The X-ACTO solidified steel cutting edge on this trimmer makes perfect and straight slices through paper, film, and photos, guaranteeing your activities come out the manner in which you arranged.

Decreased edge profiles on the base make it simple to work with abnormal shapes and sizes of paper. Besides, the matrix on the wood base makes estimations and direction simple, permitting you to cut with certainty.

X-ACTO Commercial Trimmer

Self-sharpening system:

There is a perpetual edge in this paper cutter which means this machine has a system that sharp its blade on its own and you don’t have to need any sharpening equipment for this purpose.

Emphatically Built for Heavy Use:

This paper trimmer components a 3/4-inch strong wood base that gives a durable stage to high-volume cutting. The X-ACTO Commercial Grade Guillotine Trimmer can slice 10 to 15 pages all at once. the guillotine arm includes a Perpetual Edge self-honing framework that keeps the solidified steel edge sharp for each cut.

Security Features for School and Office:

The security watch helps get fingers far from the cutting sharp edge, while the wellbeing hook holds the guillotine arm set up when not being used.

Elite design and catchy appearance:

The outlook of this machine has a very eye catchy design that will compel anyone to have a second look on it. Because mostly the machines or equipment that are made for simple use don’t have a good appearance but this will leave you in a shock!

X-ACTO Quality and Precision:

All X-ACTO items are planned and made with the renowned accuracy of the X-ACTO blade. From slicing instruments to regular office supplies, X-ACTO makes quality, industry-driving items for instructors, specialists, proficient creators, and that’s just the beginning.

Guillotine Trimmer

Our opinion:

We surely recommend this product to all the teachers, school, college or university going students too, because they deal with university assignments and projects that need bundle of papers with neat cutting. Art students should surely have a deep look on this amazing item!


Is the handle of this machine is made from plastic? Please tell me the exact material as it is not mentioned on the product description?

The handle of this paper cutter is made from dark plastic and the blade is of metal.

Please let me know the exact warranty period of this paper trimmer?

It has a very long term warranty based on two years.

Does the blade of this paper cutter have the ability to cut the illustration boards and pieces?

Yes, the blade of this machine has the ability to cut many papers like things which includes illustrations too.

The base of this machine is made from solid wood or it is just laminate?

The base gives off an impression of being MDF with an extremely hard and smooth covering/overlay on the top and sides. Estimations are valid beginning at the edge cut, essentially as indicated by the ruler.

Hey, kindly let me know that if I can cut the hard or thick cardboard through it?

Thanks for your question, but unfortunately this paper cutter is specifically designed for cutting the paper like things. It might not be able to cut the paper especially hard card board.

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