Yamaha NP-32 Review: 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Yamaha as a company prides itself on making reputable products and the Yamaha NP-32 is no exception. Judging from the pros and cons above, it’s easy to tell that out NP-32 has excellent features in store for those who have a good ear for music. Read through the rest of the Yamaha NP-32 review to explore and learn more about this great product.

Someone once said that music is the cure to an injured soul the mother of all languages because even if people don’t understand the language it is sung in, they can still tell good music just from hearing it.

Therefore when you find a good musical instrument, you better keep it especially if you can play it. There are tons and tons of good musical tools out there, and the Yamaha np32 tops the list of the best.


Yamaha NP-32 Review

Yamaha NP32

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Record and Listen:

Most are the times you find yourself trying out different keys just to see what the kind of sound they will give you at the end. If you like doing, then the piano gives you that pleasure thanks to the record and listen to feature.

You no longer need sophisticated or expensive equipment to listen to your original compositions as all you have to do is press the button, start playing then listen to what you’ve created at the end of it all. This helps improve your skills and sparks of creativity.

Soft Touch Piano Keys:

Every once in a while you’ll hear a pianist complain that his/her piano has hard keys which not only limit them while playing music but also ends up hurting their fingers.

With the piano, that becomes a thing of the past as it only has the necessary 76 keys which are soft and touch-sensitive, so you don’t have to press hard for it to play loud as even a slight touch emits the right sound level.

Pre-programmed Music:

The benefit of having a piano with pre-programmed music is that you can listen to it and get ideas on what kind of sound you can create. So the NP32 offers you another feature to smile about as it has a few demo songs which you can use to guide you in your path of music creation.


Great Sound:

Another feature which we immediately noticed during the Yamaha NP 32 review is that it has excellent solid sound. This can be attributed to its highly efficient 6W+6W amplifiers and also speakers.

The built-in metronome which helps you keep rhythm, four types of reverb which make you sound as if you are playing in an orchestra and lastly 64 note polyphony.

When all these sound features are combined, you can be sure that your neighbours might just come over to listen while you play.

Auto Power-off Mode:

Worried that your NP32 will run out of energy because you packed it in a hurry and forgot to switch it off? Well, worry no more because the auto power-off mode takes care of that.

It will automatically turn off the power it the piano stays for about thirty minutes without being used to ensure long run time and also the durability of batteries as you will no longer keep on recharging.

Advanced Wave Memory:

Through the advanced AWM wave memory stereo sampling, users are sure about incredible sound as this technology creates superb wave data when keys are struck at varying intensity.

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Apart from being highly portable, pianists who are always on the move will love it even more as it has 6 AA batteries which run for seven hours non-stop as power is the last thing you have to worry about.

It can also use an AC adapter for power. Apart from long battery life, it is compatible with an IOS device which you buy separately hence allowing you to control the sound, music recorder, and many other elements through the apps found on the IOS device.

Additionally, it has a headphone port so you can practice, play and record music without causing disturbance to people around you and hence work at your own pace and comfort. Lastly, it has a USB port which means you can connect it to your PC to create a digital audio workstation making things even more efficient for you.

Yamaha NP32 76-Key

Note to worth: is the Yamaha NP-32 worth its price?

Whether you are an amateur to the world of pianos or a pro, the Yamaha NP32 packs a list of features that you will love. Even though it mostly suits beginners, its compact design compatibility, great sound, and touch-sensitive keys are features we find in more expensive pianos.

All these features are put together in a versatile design to ensure that it meets most if not all pianists’ requirements. For its price and size, the Yamaha NP-32 is highly functional, and even though it has a few of its downsides, it is worth every cent spent on purchasing it.


  • Compact and superb design
  • Long battery runtime
  • Compatible with computers and mobile devices
  • Auto power off mode increases battery runtime and durability


  • More suitable for beginners
  • Few pre-programmed sounds

Built & Design

If you like your pianos compact and lightweight, then we are glad to let you know that these are the first features we noticed in our Yamaha NP-32 review. With dimensions of 54.9 x 14.6 x 7.9 inches and with approximately twenty pounds, NP-32 is designed for portability as you can easily carry it on the one hand from one place to another.

If you like to play music in public spaces, then NP 32 makes things quite easy for you. Its compact size is not the only thing that you’ll love about it as it also comes in white and black colours. That offers you the chance to select the one which you feel fits your personality better.

It only contains the essential elements so you can focus on playing or practising. You can now enjoy all the bells and whistles of a good piano without having to worry about space or price tags as it saves you both and still delivers even better than most expensive ones.

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